What’s For Dinner?

Howdy-do Friday?! I’ve missed you sweet friend! Should I go ahead and skip the part where I tell you it’s been a busy week? Ok. Three cheers for Spring Break, which kicks off after school TODAY!!!

If you are new to the blog, each week I’ve been sharing what I plan to cook with pictures and links to my inspiration (or recipes similar to the ones I use), then each night I’ve been posting how those meals came out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Last week, I started something new: telling you what we ate all week for dinner, whether we liked it or not, and how I made it.

So here’s what we had for dinner this past week:


Friday was Taylor’s 10th birthday party. She requested a Shopkin themed dinner party, so we had a “Taco Terrie” bar, as well as a bunch of other stuff that I’ll share later. I browned 2.5 lbs of ground beef with taco seasoning, I warmed the taco shells, then I dumped some shredded lettuce (that I bought shredded), shredded Mexican cheese, diced tomatoes, sliced black olives, and diced avocados into some smaller dishes and put everything out on a buffet table so the girls could serve themselves! Most of the girls really loved it! One girl has a sensitivity to beef, which I can totally relate to, so she only ate a little and then didn’t feel that great afterward. I told her I wished she would have told me so I could have made her something else! Crazy kids!


On Saturday, I took Taylor and 4 of her girlfriends to the American Girl Boutique and Bistro to eat lunch and shop at the mall (I’ll post more about that later too). Because it was Tristyn’s actual birthday, I picked up some chicken wings at Publix on the way home. Tristyn absolutely loves their chicken wings (they don’t come with any hot sauce on them), and you can’t beat 20 wings for under $10 (we gave to get 2 orders). I had some celery, carrots, chips, and homemade ranch ready to go with them at home for a quick and easy birthday dinner for my girl!


Sunday was Easter. I wanted to have something traditional, but easy since we went out to eat with my mom and sister (and her family) at Golden Corral after church and then had an egg hunt and dyed eggs, so I made a spiral ham from Aldi, Stouffer’s mac and cheese, and black eyed peas (because I had some sitting in my freezer waiting to be eaten). I totally meant to make deviled eggs and just plain forgot!


For dessert we had cream cheese filled carrot cake cookies that I found at Walmart. Man, were they goooood!


Monday was Taylor’s actual birthday, so I chose to make Greek Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries, something I was sure Taylor would love. I was right! I was inspired to make these burgers from a popular post on Pinterest for Greek Turkey Burgers. I’m not the biggest fan of turkey burgers, plus, I had a whole bunch of ground beef leftover from the large economy pack that I had bought for Taylor’s party (which I never buy anymore…you can’t beat the taste of organic grass-fed, it’s just too dang expensive to be buying 4 lbs of it in one week!). When I went shopping for sun dried tomatoes, I discovered that they are like $7 a jar, so I nixed that ingredient as well. Then, when I went to make the burgers, I decided I’d rather have burgers with feta cheese in them with a Greek salad on top of them. I made the yogurt sauce according to the recipe, but that’s the only thing I followed. I mixed a small container of feta cheese with 3 eggs and salt and pepper in my burger meat. Then I made them into patties and grilled them. For the toppings, I sliced some Kalamata olives, roma tomatoes, and cucumbers and had some fresh spinach as our lettuce. The only thing I forgot, even though I had it, was the red onion! I really love red onions and I knew something was missing, but I didn’t figure it out until I had eaten most of my burger. These were so good that I will be making them again, hopefully, with better beef and red onion next time. The sweet potato waffle fries actually tasted like regular fries! I love sweet potatoes, but not all of my kids do (really just Taylor and I like them), so it was nice to see them gobble these up!


On Tuesday, I made the Cilantro-Lime Honey Garlic Salmon, Quinoa, and Edamame that I never got around to making last week since we ate leftover pizza. It was seriously one of the best salmon recipes yet! And Taylor said the quinoa was one of the best I’ve ever made! All I did was add butter and salt to it! LOL! I’m not a huge fan of soybeans, but they added a nice crunch to the quinoa (since I mix all of my food together before I eat it). The pineapple was something I added on simply because we needed to eat it before it went bad. It really went well with the other flavors! I served it with a couple slices of lime, and man was it delicious!  Of course, I made myself way too big of a plate and ended up giving some of it to the dog. I gave the kids the rest of the Ahi tuna we had in the freezer since a couple of them don’t care for salmon. I will be making this recipe (which I actually followed) again!


On Wednesday, I treated the kids to Zaxby’s…again. We used to eat there every Wednesday before church before I started having my Crohn’s symptoms, but we hadn’t eaten there since November of last year…until last week. Honestly, I had made my meal plan for this week before I decided to go to Zaxby’s last week and I didn’t change it before I went grocery shopping so I didn’t have anything else to make. I’m sure the girls would love to make it a regular thing again, but it costs about twice the price of what it costs me to make dinner, and it leaves Joe Daddy and Jules to fend for themselves since they aren’t with us on Wednesday nights when we go. This week, Jules actually came with us! He normally has too much homework. I cheated a bit on my Summer Body Challenge and ate a chocolate chip cookie…shhhhhh!


On Thursday, I had planned on making the Chicken Paprika with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans that I never made from a couple weeks ago. I still had the chicken thighs and green beans, so I just had to buy some potatoes. But when I started to cook dinner, I realized I shouldn’t be eating fried chicken and gravy on Day 3 of my Summer Body Challenge, hahaha! So instead of dredging the chicken thighs in eggs and flour, I simply seasoned them (with the same seasonings in the recipe, only I didn’t measure them out: garlic salt, onion powder, paprika, and creole seasoning) and cooked them in a little olive oil in my cast iron skillet. They turned out fabulously delicious! Taylor said it was the best chicken I’ve ever made! I don’t know about that, but it was definitely yummy! Instead of making mashed potatoes, since I didn’t make any gravy, I just boiled some red potatoes, cut them up and buttered them. I just about always make green beans from a can because that’s the way I actually prefer them (although I do get the organic canned ones :D).

And that concludes what we had for dinner last week!

For more dinner ideas, check out my Recipes I Love Pinterest Board!

What are you having for dinner this week? Feel free to post pics and links to the recipes on my Facebook page!

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