What I Loved About This Week

Getting Through It


Some weeks, it’s all I can do to just GET THROUGH. These past couple have been rough, to say the least. I really think it’s the antibiotics I’m on, because I haven’t felt this tired or worn down in a whiiiiiile.

Finishing Those BLASTED Antibiotics


For the last 10 days I have had diarrhea, the one symptom I managed to alleviate on my own through diet change since the start of my symptoms back in October of 2015. I have been dizzy, groggy, thirsty, tired, and I have had the worst taste in my mouth. If you ever have to take Cipro or Flagyl, my thoughts and prayers go with you! I’m sooo glad that’s over.

Getting Back Into Our Routine


Unlike some moms, I enjoy school breaks. I enjoy sleeping in and getting to spend extra time with my kiddos. I also enjoy not having to stick to a routine. However, without fail, after a week of not being in a routine, I start to miss it. I still made it to some of my fitness classes last week, and I still did a few Bikini Body Mommy videos, but not like I normally do. I even ate worse than usual (I had pizza three times last week, and birthday cake twice!!!).

The Quiet


Last week, we had so many friends over, probably more than I’ve ever allowed before. I normally give myself a day between friends because being around people exhausts me. I don’t know why, but I have really small social batteries that require recharging more often than most. I want my kids to have awesome memories of playing with their friends, but I also want to keep my sanity. Somehow, I managed to pull off both last week. I was pretty tired by Sunday, so I was so thankful for the kids to go back to school on Monday so I could have my few hours of quiet each day. Ty’s perfectly content to quietly play on her own while I clean and work. She even did really great shopping with me this week since I stayed home on Sunday to prepare for the blog launch. I couldn’t have asked for a better last baby to stay home with!


She was pretty happy to get to treated to McDonald’s for lunch while we were out shopping. She played for over half an hour with another little girl who was there!


She did good, you can just tell she hates shopping. I can relate! LOL!

Launching the Blog!!!

Website Image

Unless you’ve done something like this, you probably have no idea the amount of work that goes into blogging. Sure, I’m just typing my thoughts and opinions out into cyber space, but getting the website to look the way I wanted it to look and crank out 20 posts about my life experiences was no easy task. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m not very tech savvy. Obviously, I enjoy it enough to push through and keep doing it, but it still takes time, effort and energy that, quite honestly, I’d rather put to use elsewhere some days. On those days, I just have to tell myself that this blog could one day turn into a money-making career, one of the few I can actually see myself doing for the rest of my life. I know I’m not the best writer and I’ve got loads to learn about marketing, advertising and writing about stuff that people want to read, but I just feel like this is something I could be good at. It took me 3 years to get to a place where I actually like my own photography. There’s just some things you start out terrible at and grow into. Even if I never end up making any money blogging, at least I’ll have captured a lot of memories for my children to cherish. Can you tell I’m not a risk-taker and full of self-doubt? I need to shut up, don’t I? Geez.


Let these pictures serve as proof of how much work I did Sunday and Monday in order to meet my self-given deadline to launch the blog on Monday! I promised myself that my first job would come first, but I had major technical difficulties starting on Sunday that drew throughout the day on Monday. On Sunday, I went to check each and every post I had published to make sure one last time there weren’t any errors and I found that several of my posts had pictures that weren’t showing up. I ended up having to redo those posts! Then I went to launch the blog on Monday and it wouldn’t show up in any of the links I tried posting on Facebook! It was such a nightmare! I searched through ever video and troubleshooting article I could fine for hours before finally finding one that said it would just take time for Google to update from my “coming soon” page to my actual website image. Around 9:30pm, Facebook finally let me manipulate the post to include the picture and title of my blog post. I went from utterly disappointed to extremely relieved!


The next day, I was able to catch up on my cleaning and the day after that I was able to go grocery shopping, so it all worked out.

Training For My New Job!!!


Technically, it’s a volunteer position that earns me a free gym membership, but I’m calling it a job since I don’t have one! LOL! The fitness director posted on the gym’s Facebook page that they were looking for someone to work a couple hours a night every other week in exchange for a free membership. I asked what all the job required and it was pretty minimal, so I threw my hands up in the air and waved ’em like I just do not care! My gym membership is only $29 a month, but I will take budget savings anywhere I can get it! It’s kind of a bummer that it’s on the same night as my yoga class, but I’ll still get to go twice a month (and I can always peek my head in and say hi to my friends). All I have to do is wash and dry the gym towels (laundry away from home, joy! LOL!), clean the bathrooms, pick up the locker room, sweep the floors, dust a couple areas, wipe down all the equipment and shut off the lights at the end of the night. Totally worth $29 a month to me!

Eating Lunch with my School Kids


I try to eat lunch with my elementary school kids once a month. My mom joined me for lunch with Tristyn and Chase this week. She even bought them (and herself) ice cream.


After Tristyn’s and Chase’s lunch, I finally got to read to Trini’s class!!! I’ve been trying for quite a while and kids kept getting sick on me! After 5 failed attempts, I quit trying for an entire month. I decided to give it another shot and…SUCCESS! Trini picked my personal childhood favorite, Green Eggs and Ham, and the infuriating Fox in Socks. I was actually tired after reading that one! LOL! Trini loved having her mama read to her class, so of course it was totally worth it.


My mom managed to get a shot of me in action!


After reading to Trini’s class, I ate lunch with Taylor and Caden, and then Trini. I was exhausted after being at school with them for 2 hours. I might go back to splitting it up again!

Seeing Tristyn Get Principal Pal

Tristyn Principal Pal

I kid you not, Friday morning, Tristyn said to me, “Mommy, I haven’t been picked for Principal Pal yet, and I’ve been very good!” Imagine her surprise when she got picked that very day! And no, I didn’t make any phone calls to the school! LOL! I guess she’s got a sixth sense.

Getting My Colonoscopy Results

th (1)

Yesterday, I went back to my doctor to get the results of my biopsies from my colonoscopy. When I had my colonoscopy done last Tuesday, the doctor found some small ulcers near the end of my colon closest to my small intestine. She said they could be from NSAID overuse or from Crohn’s. She gave me some antibiotics to take in case they were regular ulcers, which made me sick for the past 10 days. Oddly enough, I haven’t had any gas, something I haven’t been able to say for quite some time. I was hoping it was because the antibiotics were curing my ulcers. If you’d like to know how everything turned out, go here. Regardless of how things turned out, I’m still glad to know, ya know?

The End of Basketball Cheer


All good things must come to an end, and as with any good thing that comes to an end, basketball cheer ending is bittersweet. I have really enjoyed getting to coach my girls cheer squad again this season, but it hasn’t all been peachy. Trini was difficult to coach last season and even more difficult this season, but she improved as a cheerleader. Tristyn and her best friend really tried my patience with wanting to play and socialize more than cheer, but man were they cute cheering together. One of the little girls was super shy and kept not showing up to practice but kept wanting to be rewarded for cheering, but she and the other girl hugged me after every game and seemed to have enjoyed their first season cheerleading. I love that I got to be apart of making that happen! It was tough work going through it, but now that it’s over, all I can think about are all the good times we’ve had together. The girls had their last game today. My mom came with us, so she got to see the girls cheer for the first time this season and took a few pictures and videos for me. Afterwards, we had our Awards Ceremony where the girls got a keepsake frame, perfect for their team picture. After that, we had some cake and I gave them each a little gift bag with bubbles, a ring pop, a candy necklace and bracelet, a little balloon, a paint set, a certificate of excellence and a picture frame to put their individual cheer picture in, as well as their pom poms and megaphones which I have held onto for safe-keeping all season. As per Trini’s request, we went to Chick-fil-A afterwards for lunch. I invited the whole team to join us, but only our neighbors came. We had such a fun time hanging out, I lost track of time and showed up a little late to Upward Soccer evaluations! Thankfully, I didn’t actually have to be there on time, just sometime in the hour. I can already tell the girls are going to enjoy playing soccer based on how they did at evaluations. I’ve never coached soccer before so I’m a little nervous! All I know is: I am in love with the Upward Sports Program! Not only is it so much cheaper ($65 per kid, with my 2nd kid and coach discount, versus $100), it’s at our church with our church friends, way better organized and much more laid back. We get to enjoy a couple weeks off, and then we’ll be busy little bees again! I’m praying for warm, dry weather for April and May!



Taylor has been such a huge help to me lately, much more than usual. I don’t know if she’s just maturing and getting older or if she’s feeling generous, but she’s been going out of her way to help me with housework, cooking, and taking care of the girls. She’s always setting up fun things for them to do (games, crafts, etc.) and she’s been taking the initiative to get them to clean up after themselves, finish their dinner, bathe, brush their teeth, etc. so that I don’t have to. I have long prayed for a clone of myself, and lately, I kinda feel like I have one! LOL! Dare I say, my prayer has been answered and jinx it? I think I dare not…not just yet.


So despite telling her last weekend there would be NO FRIENDS over this weekend, I gave in when she asked if her bestie could come over. Maybe that’s why she’s been so helpful, hmmm…

This was a pretty good week. I didn’t feel that great thanks to the meds I was on, but I actually made it to all six of my fitness classes, squeezed in an extra half hour on the elliptical, got to Day 10 on Bikini Body Mommy’s 1.0 Challenge, made it through extensive training for my new “job” (tee hee), survived shopping at 4 stores with Ty, cheer practice, 2 hours at the kids’ school, my doctor’s appointment, our last basketball game and Awards Ceremony, and soccer evaluations…oh, and I launched my blog! I also cooked some tasty dinners, showered more than once and even shaved my legs. Wow. That’s pretty amazing ;).

How was your week?

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