What I Loved About This Week

Things I Loved About This Week

Another week has come and gone! It’s had its ups. It’s had its downs. No matter how many things go wrong, there’s always joy to be found!

Here’s what I loved about this week:

Sweet Sweet Sunlight


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hate Daylight Savings. I really wish we could just leave the damn clocks alone and have a more natural shift between the seasons. I’m loving the extended sunlight in the evenings (just look at that gorgeous sky as we were leaving church on Wednesday right after 8pm!), but I am not loving those extra dark mornings. I’ve been extra sleepy this week! I don’t drink caffeine, so I don’t have any way to manually pep myself up! Once the sun comes up, I’m fine, it’s those couple of hours before that I’m draaagggiiinnnggg. I’ll either adjust over the next couple of weeks, or it’ll be a long couple of months til summer comes and I can sleep in.

New Pajamas

My new silky jams probably aren’t helping my sleepiness. I found this cute set on clearance at Target for $12 this week. I don’t have many pajamas that fit me anymore. I had to get rid of all my pretty silky gowns because they were too big :(. I was pretty excited to find these. I wore them every night this week!


They’re pretty and comfy! Did I mention they’re an x-small? Yeah, that always feels good when you’re trying to lose weight!

My Girls


I know I say it a lot, but I just feel so blessed to have 4 girls who really and truly are best friends! I have two sisters who I absolutely adore, but I hated them growing up. We never got along. Seeing my girls hug and kiss each other without cause or reason, hearing them tell each other they love each other and that they are best friends makes my heart want to burst! My cup truly runneth over, each and every day. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I thank God that He gave me these sweet little girls.


I love to see them doing stuff together too! Especially when it’s educational! LOL!


Even when they’re making a mess together, I can’t help but smile.

St. Patrick’s Day


Unlike last year, we remembered to wear green this St. Patty’s Day! The girls even convinced me to get them $5 shirts from Walmart. I wore what I thought was my only green shirt to our St. Patty’s Day Zumba Party on Tuesday, but then I found my emerald green pants and hoodie! I didn’t get out any decorations (maybe next year…), but we did wear green!


Even Mr. Fuddy Dud himself wore green! I like to think it was to be festive, and not because it’s his favorite color and pretty much the only color clothes he owns. 🙂


Ty and I actually made it to a MOMS Club park/craft play date! We haven’t been to anything in months! We love our friends, we just haven’t had anything line up with our schedule in a while. I’m hoping to start trying to pull myself away from the house more now that Spring has arrived. Ty was so excited to get to run around with some kids her age. I was excited to catch up with a few ladies I hadn’t seen in a while (at least not on a computer screen). We made a little pot of gold/rainbow chain craft and had a little snack. Ty didn’t wear a diaper the whole day and didn’t have any accidents! I can’t say the same for the last couple of days though. How is it possible that she can do so good and then STOP??? I don’t want to keep putting her in the pull-ups when she’s capable of wearing undees and staying dry, but I just can’t deal with the pee on the floor (since she likes to pee on the rugs and not the hard floor). Thank God she’s my last baby. That’s all I can say.


When the girls got home from school, we ate corned beef, cabbage and potatoes that had been slow cooking in the Crock Pot all day. That’s the way to do it! I spent a few minutes chopping veggies and mixing up a seasoned broth, then I just turned the knob to ON. 6 hours later, dinner was served! It was so good too! The kids barely left any cabbage for Joe Daddy!


After dinner, and before Taylor’s gymnastics class, we went to Sonic for half-priced milk shakes. All 6 of us got our own for less than $9! I got coconut cream pie, my favorite!


I went ahead and did my grocery shopping for the week at Aldi after Ty and I left the park, before the kids got home from school. Then Jules, Tristyn, Trini, Ty and I went to Kroger while Tay was at gymnastics. When we got home everyone bathed and got ready for bed. Then the girls started crafting. I just love watching their little minds work!


It was a good day!

Catch Air


On Saturday, I took the girls to Catch Air for a birthday party for a couple of Trini’s friends from Pre-K. Two of the triplets are in her class, but she knows all three of them. I don’t normally go to every birthday party we get invited to, but because Tristyn and Taylor have birthdays this month and Trini doesn’t quite have friends that she gets together yet, I agreed to take them to this one. Trini got to see a bunch of her friends from school and all of the girls had a blast! There was even enough pizza and cake for all 4 of them.


They had a ton of fun!


 I always enjoy the slide too! LOL!


It was so much fun watching my girls work as a team to shoot balls out of the little cannon! LOL!


Ty about lost it when she saw Minnie Mouse on the dance floor! LOL! We had a great time!

Tristyn’s 6th Birthday Party


Tristyn is turning 6 on the 26th of this month. Taylor’s turning 10 two days after that. This year they both wanted to have separate slumber parties. I’m not a fan of house parties because I am way too much of a perfectionist. Somehow, a little birthday party turns into me having to redecorate my entire house, clean out the closets, and landscape the yard. I don’t want to care about things looking perfect, I just can’t seem to stop. I try to convince myself every time that this time, I won’t care. I’ll just invite a few people over, keep things simple, and clean the house as if no one was coming over at all (like I do every other day). Then I go all crazy as it gets close to time to have the party.

This time really was different though! This past Saturday, we had Tristyn’s slumber party at the house. Somehow I got everything ready without killing myself and survived several hours alone with 6 girls 6 and under.

How’d I manage that? Well, I started early for one thing, and I kept it simple for another. I know she loves Hello Kitty, so when I went shopping with Taylor for Shopkins stuff for her birthday party, I found lots of Hello Kitty stuff and decided to make it Hello Kitty themed. It turned out to be a great theme! I was able to find a Hello Kitty pinata (which was something she really really wanted), Hello Kitty candy, Hello Kitty lip gloss, stickers, jewelry, table cloth, cups, napkins, plates, even ice cream cake! With Tristyn’s help, I made a simple menu of pizza, chips, veggies, ranch dip, strawberry Fanta, vanilla cupcakes, and I even found how to make Hello Kitty bows out of fruit roll ups on Pinterest! Because I did most of my shopping at Aldi and Kroger on Thursday, I finished up at Walmart on Friday and spent the rest of the day cleaning and decorating. I hung two banners and blew up a few balloons and taped them to the wall. I put the table cloth on the table and set the plates, napkins, cups, and plastic utensils on top of it. I filled the pinata and 6 goody bags with all the Hello Kitty treats I found. I even managed to cook dinner, take Jules to his friend’s house, sat on the couch and watched a show with Joe Daddy, and got to bed at a decent time (before midnight!). I don’t think I’ve ever been less stressed before a party!


It was far more stressful trying to go to another party, pick up friends, get pizza, and get home in time on the day of the party! LOL! But, I managed to juggle all the balls I had in the air, and Tristyn had a great party!


All of her favorite people (6 and under) were there (including her little sisters)…and me of course ;). It was actually nice being the only adult! I was able to keep things nice and organized without getting distracted! LOL! I was also able to take all the pictures I wanted :).


We ate pizza, veggies and ranch, chips, fruit roll up bows and drank strawberry Fanta. Then we sang Happy Birthday and ate cupcakes and ice cream cake (Hello Kitty ice cream cake!). How do you like my cupcake toppers? I just Googled “Hello Kitty,” copied a picture that I thought would be easy to cut out, pasted 12 copies of it into Word, printed them on card stock, cut them out, and taped toothpicks to the back of them. I didn’t even have to buy anything to make them!


As much as I try to avoid Pinterest for birthday parties (it’s too easy to get carried away!), I couldn’t resist these fruit roll-up bows! They were super cute, super easy, and the girls just loved them!


Tristyn’s favorite part of any party is the pinata, so of course she requested one for her own. I am so glad I found a Hello Kitty pinata and Hello Kitty candy to go in it (for less than $30)!


They all insisted they beat poor Hello Kitty til she burst, even though she came with pull strings.
Everyone got to hit her 3 times each, twice. It was so cute to see them squeal with delight as the candy came flying out, LOL! Everyone got a bunch of candy (sorry moms and dads!). There were suckers, sweet tart looking candies, gummies, and Starburst. It didn’t look like nearly as much going in!


I had thought we might play PieFace or Hi Ho Cherry-O, but they were perfectly content playing outside and with the Barbies and baby dolls. I didn’t complain though! I was happy to be able to clean up the mess they had made so far before moving onto setting up their pallet in the living room. I asked them if they wanted to sleep in the girls’ beds since they’re plenty big enough to fit everyone (and there’s a big enough screen to watch the movie on), but they insisted on sleeping on the floor in the living room, LOL! Around 9pm, we finally got the pallet made, the girls changed into their jams, popcorn and juice boxes passed out, and started The Good Dinosaur.


Most of the girls didn’t make it halfway through the movie. They were out by 10pm. One lonely night owl made it through the whole movie and was still awake when Joe Daddy and I headed to bed around 11pm. The movie was super cute. It was sooo sad (darn you Disney!), but it had such a great message: People are animals. Haha! Just kiddin’ ;).


I was really hoping they’d all sleep in. I was hopeful, but I wasn’t naive. Those crazy girls were up and running around the house by 7:30am! They were kind enough to let me take 30 minutes to get out of bed to feed them breakfast. Tristyn wanted donuts and orange juice, so that’s what she got.


Everyone got dressed and headed outside soon after that. Then they decided they wanted to watch BINGO (Tristyn’s pick). Then they decided to go back outside…then came back in to catch the end of BINGO…then headed back outside until the first girls’ mom came to pick her up at 11am.


The next friend left at noon and I took the last friend home at 1pm. I love how much these girls love each other! One of them has been her best friend since the day she was born (literally), another has been her best friend in class since Pre-K, and the other has been attached to her hip for the past couple of months. Tristyn is definitely a social butterfly, always wanting to spend time with her friends. Letting them come over all together and letting them spend the night was the best present she could have ever wished for! I know she had the best birthday ever! It’s kinda weird celebrating a week early, but her Pa is taking her to Chuck E. Cheese on her actual birthday next weekend, so her special day will still be special!



On the Wednesday before last, I ran a mile (without stopping) for the first time in my adult life! It was very exciting! I tried running a couple years ago when I first started working out and got shin splints after I pushed myself to run half a mile. My shins were tore up for so many months that I gave up any idea of being able to run again. I started taking my strength classes again, which occasionally have some running in them and noticed that I was able to run without any sort of pain in my shins. I decided to see if I could run more than a couple laps by running in my neighborhood. I took the shorter route and only ran 3/4th of a mile. So on the Wednesday before last, I decided to hop on the treadmill instead of the elliptical and see if I could make it to a mile. Like I said, I did it! I was super stoked! So last Wednesday, I decided to run for 30 minutes, which got me to 1.4 miles!

I literally can’t believe I’m able to run this much! So far, I have no pain in my shins (or anywhere else)! I’m so excited about running!


Joe Daddy’s been pretty bummed about not being able to work out like he used to. He’s just too busy with work. We used to work out together all the time. He used to take yoga with me when he had every Wednesday off, and we’d go walking at parks with the kids on Sundays. One of our most favorite places to walk is a beautiful 3.4 mile trail around a lake. Since it was nice, we decided to go there on Sunday. We took Trini and Ty and left Tristyn and Taylor at home with Jules. I was shocked when I made it over 2 miles running without stopping! I was trying to keep track with RunKeeper, but it messed up so my total time and distance wasn’t right, but according to my estimates, I was able to run at a rate of less than 13 minutes per mile! That’s better than both my treadmill times! I totally smoked Joe Daddy, although he did have to push both of the girls in the bike cart, LOL! Maybe next time we’ll leave all of the kids at home, or bring a different stroller.

Our 2nd Weekend with Franklin the Frog


Trini’s teacher has a class frog that she sends home with the “Star Student of the Week” over the weekend. She asks that you take pictures and record your time with him in a journal and then return it with him to school on Monday. Trini brought Franklin home at the beginning of the school year. He got to go with us to Movie Night at school, The County Fair, and joined us for shopping, Wendy’s, and a cousin sleepover.


This weekend, Franklin got to play outside…


…snuggle with Trini…


…visit with other class friends at Catch Air…


…attend Tristyn’s Hello Kitty party…


…where he got more snuggling in with Trini…


…play at the park…


…and have an indoor pretend picnic! It was such a great weekend for Franklin to visit us again!

Plucking Taylor’s Eyebrows!


So being the visual OCD person that I am, bushy unplucked eyebrows bother me (as do the drawn on ones, they don’t look natural people!). Yes, even on children! LOL! I’ve been trying to get Taylor to let me pluck hers since she was 2 or 3! I would never hold one of my children down just to give them perfect eyebrows (especially since I would have to do it every couple of weeks), so I have just been patiently waiting for the day that she was ready to sit still and bear through the pain. That day finally came this week! She did so well, and her eyebrows came out great! Ty was so intrigued that she let me snag a couple of hers before saying it hurt too much. Tristyn has the craziest eyebrows of all of them, but she’s even more sensitive than Taylor. She let me get one hair! That’s it! LOL!


It’s hard to believe this gorgeous girl is getting ready to enter the double digits. Holy cow. Time flies!

So that was last week. This week I will be busy busy busy getting ready for Taylor’s slumber party/trip to American Girl Boutique and Bistro. I have less time to prepare, but I have more to do since she wants a Shopkin themed party. Shew, these girls are a lot of work! LOL! They’re totally worth it though ;).

How was your week?


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