What I Loved About This Week

Things I Loved About This Week

Another week has come and gone. It’s had its up. It’s had its downs. No matter how many things go wrong, there is always joy to be found. Here’s what I loved about this week:

Ty’s NEW Haircut


So, last week I took Ty to get her very first haircut. I thought a trim would help her scraggly hair look a little healthier, but it ended up taking out all of the cute curls. She was left with fuddy waves like what I have. I hated it. I decided to chop it all off so she could match her sisters (and so I’d have less hair to deal with every morning). It turned out super cute! I’m no professional, but I wasn’t about to spend another $15 on a haircut. I might even go back to doing all of the girls again since this last time the ladies who did their hair didn’t do such a great job. I can’t do my guys’ hair and I can’t cut my own, but by cutting all the girls’ hair, I can save $120 a year (or more)!


Old hair (after the trim)…


…new hair! Fabulous!


It really suits her!

Seeing My Girls Skate…and Skate…and Skate!


Last school year, we started going to Spirit Nights for the girls’ school at the skating rink. Then over the summer, we met Taylor’s boyfriend (at the time) up there a couple of times. This year we’ve been for a couple of birthday parties. Jules and Taylor used to skate all the time. We had friends who owned a local skating rink, but they moved out of state a couple years ago. Tristyn and Trini absolutely loved skating the last few times we’ve gone, and since we aren’t putting up a pool this year, I’ve been trying to think of free/cheap stuff we can do away from the house. The skating rink we go to gives out weekly free passes, you just have to pay for skate rentals. I started looking for affordable skates so we wouldn’t have to spend as much on renting them. Well, skates are pretty dang expensive, if you didn’t know! I finally managed to find some on Amazon.com for $17 for the Littles. They were “used,” but they must have just been returned to Amazon because they were in the original packaging and not used looking at all! If we go skating once a week for the 12 weeks of summer, I’ll save $93 on skate rentals! Even if we only go once every other week, I’ll save $21. We actually get two free passes per week! The best part is these skates can grow up to size 11! Tristyn probably won’t be able to wear them next year, but Trini should get at least one more year and Ty will probably get another 2 or 3! What can I say? Saving money excites me! Of course, I couldn’t find any skates for Taylor or Jules that weren’t $40+. I’m not sure they’ll want to go as much as the Littles anyway. Jules is too old for the free passes so I’ll have to pay $15 every time they want to go, but like I said, I doubt they’ll want to go every time.


As soon as the girls got home the day their skates arrived, they put them on and have barely taken them off! All of that practice has been paying off though! We went to a birthday party at the skating rink this weekend and several people mentioned how well they were doing! They all went out there with skate mates, but didn’t use them for long! I was seriously impressed myself!


Tristyn literally fell asleep in her skates that night! LOL!

Our Friend’s Birthday Party


As I mentioned, we went to the skating rink over the weekend for a friend’s birthday party. The girls were so cute skating together!


I helped Ty at first, and then she was off on her own for a while, and then she went to the playground. The other kids skated almost the entire 3 hours we were there!


They also played on the playground, ate pizza, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake, and watched their friend open her birthday presents. Look at Ty trying to get in there to give her ours! LOL!


I know she likes Shopkins, so that’s what we got her. Her mom said she doesn’t have the ones we picked! Yay!


The only part of the party that was a bummer was having to sit out while we waited for paramedics to get a lady off the rink. She fell and broke her wrist, at least that’s what it looked like judging from the bulge in her arm that shouldn’t have been there. Ouch.


I think someone has gotten injured every time we’ve gone skating. You’d think I’d be too terrified to go back! LOL!


The best part was JULES CAME WITH US!


It’s crazy how different the teen years are from the toddler! You’d never know this kid used to hug me and kiss me all the time! He’ll still hug me and kiss me when I tell him to, but it’s just not the same…and it can’t be. It would be pretty dang weird if he was always trying to sit in my lap or snuggle with me (sorry if you do that with your man-child, but it’s pretty creepy if you ask me). Jules is a good kid, but he’s becoming an adult. He likes what he likes and he likes to be alone (like his mama). He’s definitely not anti-social, he just rarely wants to go off and do things with us anymore (probably because we’re either shopping, going to the gym, or going somewhere for the Littles to play…I wouldn’t want to go off with us if I was a teenager either, LOL!). He does love to skate though, so he came!



I could not believe it myself. I ran a whole freakin’ mile! Without stopping, mind you! I haven’t done that since high school (we’re talking 16+ years people)! Other than the 3/4 of a mile I ran last week, the farthest I’ve been able to run is half a mile…and I got shin splints from doing that! Not only did I not hurt, but I could have kept going had I not needed to get downstairs for my yoga class.


This is me all excited after I hopped off the treadmill! LOL!

My New Silicone Bands


Ever since I found out these existed, I’ve wanted one. One of my gym friends told me she got a few different colored ones for pretty cheap on Amazon.com, so I decided to check it out. I got all 4 of these for $20, which isn’t as good as the deal she got (she got 6 for $10!), but I couldn’t find the one she got and I really liked the thicker bands better. I absolutely love them all!

Shaved Ice


 These may look like snow cones, but snow cones suck. It’s like eating crushed ice. All the syrup gathers at the bottom and doesn’t mix with the ice at all! Wellll…shaved ice is not like snow cones at all! It’s shaved so fine that it comes out like fluffy snow (the kind people actually enjoy), so it retains all of the syrup. Each bite is cold, delicious, and melts in your mouth. It’s seriously one of my most favorite things on Earth! We went to my nephew’s baseball games this week and just had to get some. We got cotton candy and Tiger’s Blood (strawberry and coconut). I also really love the bubble gum and pina colada!

The Results of My Small Bowel Series


If you read My Small Bowel Series Experience, then you already know that it came back normal! I couldn’t be happier! I still have to get the capsule endoscopy done to actually look inside, but it’s still good that they didn’t find anything on the X-rays. The bills have started to arrive, which does not make me so happy. Ugh.

Another Slumber Party


Don’t ask me why I can’t say no to these girls! I used to have a rule: NO sleepovers during school weeks. I allowed them only during breaks, for birthdays, and over the summer. Somehow, I’ve been suckered into allowing them nearly every weekend! LOL! I guess I just love seeing my girls enjoy time with their friends and whenever they ask, I just can’t seem to find a good enough reason to say no. They don’t really make that much of a mess or get on my nerves, I guess I just like having my house to myself and sticking to my regular routine. With soccer coming up, we won’t be able to do them again for a while (I’ll actually have a reason to say no! LOL!). This weekend really was pretty crazy though. My nephews spent the night Friday, then two of Taylor’s friends and one of Tristyn’s friends spent the night Saturday, then one of them stayed again on Sunday night, and Jules had a friend spend the night Sunday as well!


Friday night was pretty low-key. Just my 10 year old and 6 year old nephews spent the night. I meant to get a picture of the Littles after they crashed together, but I crashed myself!


We dropped my nephews off at their house on the way to the birthday party at the skating rink then picked up Taylor’s and Tristyn’s friends afterwards on the way home. Of course, the first thing they wanted to do was play in the hose. I swear it wasn’t that hot out.


Taylor and her friends said they were going to sleep outside on the trampoline. I told them they wouldn’t make it all night, so they bet me a bag of Skittles they could. They came in scared as hell around 10pm, LOL! Jules and his friends tried to camp out there in tents on his 12th birthday and lasted just as long. #IWin #NoSkittlesForThem


On Saturday, my sister came and picked up all 5 girls and took them to the nail salon and out for FroYo. I came up with the brilliant idea for our extended family to take Taylor and Tristyn out for their birthday instead of buy them presents since they aren’t having birthday parties that we can invite them to this year. My sister decided on the nail salon and frozen yogurt. Then Taylor and her friends convinced me to convince my sister to take them all. I really just can’t say no! What’s wrong with me??? They ended up having a really good time, and my sister survived. It might not have been special “Aunt-Niece Time,” but it’s something they’ll never forget.


After going through my summer clothes from last year and discovering that none of my shorts or capri pants fit me anymore (like not even close), I decided to go shopping. Joe Daddy wanted to get out of the house, and I wanted to take advantage of having help with the girls so I could actually try on clothes before buying them. We went to Walmart then TJMaxx where I found a decent amount of stuff for pretty cheap. I was really not wanting to spend money on clothes for myself this summer! Losing weight is definitely not all positive. I think I have some old smaller clothes out in the shed, so maybe I’ll have even more. I’m getting ready to go through everything out there after I get through the girls birthday slumber parties. I don’t need to start making a big mess right before that! LOL! Between stores, we took Trini and Ty to have a little FroYo too. We know better than to get our own. We had plenty of theirs to eat once they were full! LOL! After shopping and FroYo, we went to a local park to pick up Tristyn. My sister had dropped all 5 girls off at one friend’s house, then they had gone to the park. Taylor was supposed to be spending the night out, but decided she wanted to come home. Her other friend decided she wanted to come with us, so I called her mom. Again: WHY CAN’T I JUST SAY NO??? Her mom let her come with us, and had planned on picking her up on her way home, but she ended up getting home too late, so she just stayed another night with us. It was too late to go home and cook, so we just grabbed some burgers from Hardee’s. I love Hardee’s burgers! I just didn’t want to spend any more money!!!


Thankfully, we made it home in time to watch The Walking Dead! Man this season has been off tha hook! Lovin’ it!


This sweet girl fell asleep on me. Look at those pretty sparkly nails she picked out. My sister said she was so excited the whole time they were at the nail salon.


Taylor’s more like me. She complained about the smell and came home and painted her toes saying, “Look! I can do what they did!” LOL!


Jules’ friend got to the house just as we got home. I’m amazed that Jules is still asking to have friends over! This is some kind of record! LOL!


On Monday morning, Taylor’s friend’s mom showed up a little after 10am to pick up Taylor and her other friend to go to a local state park. They were gone all day and said they had a lot of fun.


Around 2:30pm, Ty’s and Tristyn’s best friends came over to play. I’ve never been one to invite people over (hard to believe, right?). Every time you see me posting pics of something we’re doing with friends, whether it’s at my house or not, it’s been because someone other than me initiated it, usually my kids or their friends. I’m an introvert, so while I love people, I don’t love being around a lot of them all the time. I love my best friend. She just gets me and respects my space. She knows I get sick of people when I see them too much. She’s gotten so good at it that I have been having to ask her to get together. Lately, with all the new friends we’ve had making plans with us, I haven’t been asking anyone to do anything. She actually asked me if something was wrong between us since she sees all the people coming over, except her and her kids! LOL! She laughed when I reminded her that it wasn’t me initiating all this socialization and that if she wants to get together, all she needs to do is ask. I can’t seem to say no to anyone these days! LOL! Of course, after all that we made plans to get together today. 3 of her 6 came over and played in the pool, rode bikes, played store, and had a light snack.


They even started cleaning up all on their own when I told them their mom would be back in 15 minutes or so! You can tell they’ve been coming over for 7+ years! LOL!


They left around 4:30pm and Jules’ friend left shortly after that.



I am not a fan of Daylight Savings. I don’t understand why we can’t just leave the time alone so we’ll natural gain and lose an hour of daylight between winter and spring, summer and fall. I’d rather go from it getting dark at 7pm to 8pm than from 6pm to 9pm. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. But what do I know? I am a fan of the seasons changing though! By the time winter hits, I’m ready for Spring, and by the time Spring hits I’m ready for Summer, not so much for the weather (I don’t really care for the sweltering heat of summer), but for the break from school! After 12 weeks of summer, I’m usually ready for the kids to go back to school and for cooler weather to return, and once Fall hits I’m ready for the Holidays. This past week, the weather was awesome! Ty and I went down to the playground after my Thursday morning class. My Zumba instructor (and good friend) came down and talked with me while she played all over the place, all by herself. I swear, she’s the best last kid ever!


On Sunday, I gave the kids their Easter “basket” (yeah, I know it’s early), which had a bunch of Spring/Summer goodies for them to use. This year I decided instead of shopping for “Easter,” I would shop for summer. Tristyn and Trini start soccer next week, so I put their shin guards, socks, balls and cones (which are really for me, the coach ;)) in there. Their cleats haven’t arrived yet, but they should be here before our first practice. I was really patting myself on the back for spending less than $50 on all of that stuff for both of them! Some cleats cost that much on their own! Since we aren’t putting the pool up this year (we got rid of it last year), I decided to get them a little pool with a slide to play in on those hot days where we don’t go anywhere. We have sprinklers, but it could get costly running them all the time. The girls pointed out these swim Barbies at the store, and since they were only $5, I decided to get them to be used as pool toys. I also found each of the girls a pair of hot pink canvas shoes on clearance for $1 each! Because the girls got so much and there’s not much Jules ever gets, I got him one of the video games he’s been wanting. They’ll all get a little bit of candy from The Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday too. It may seem like a lot for Easter, but this is all Tristyn and Taylor are getting for their birthday presents as well.


I knew the giant bowling set would be a hit, and I was right! If only I had considered how loud it would be…


Trini has played with it the most. She even tried bowling with her skates on! That was pretty hilarious!


The pool was obviously the favorite gift among the Littles. They have been asking for a week to get in it, even though I told them it was for Easter. I’m glad I gave it to them early. They had so much fun hanging out in it this weekend! They really loved being able to bring their Barbies in there! I’m pretty strict about inside toys staying inside and outside toys standing outside. These Barbies were bought specifically for the pool so now they get to play with Barbies outside!


The girls swim suits hadn’t arrived when I gave them their other goodies, but they came Monday. I found these on Walmart.com. I got them each a bikini and a tankini set. Each set came with 2 suits for $10! I think they are super cute for $5! They love to match, and I love to save money! I had the hardest time finding Taylor swim suits this year because she’s very picky about what style she likes. I looked on Walmart.com when I got the Littles theirs and there wasn’t anything I thought she’d like. I went on there on Monday and there was lots! I ended up narrowing it down to 3 that were less than $25 all together. I got Jules’ swim trunks on Target.com when they had their BOGO 50% off a couple weeks ago. His two were less than $20. Joe and I are still good on swim suits, so I only spent $105 on 17 suits! #LifeWith5Kids #NothingsEverCheap #IDoPrettyGoodConsideringIThink


This is a perfect example of why I get my kids the stuff I get. They use it! They play together so well and even clean up after themselves (sometimes even without instruction).


One of our favorite things to do when it’s nice outside is eat on the deck.


We ate out there several times this past week!


We love eating outside…we don’t love all the wasps and bees though. I’ll be stocking up on wasp spray before next weekend!


This week has been busy! We’ve had a lot of fun, but something you can’t see in all of those bright bubbly pictures is how sick my hubby and I have been all week! My throat started hurting last Monday. I felt like complete crap Tuesday morning, so much that I skipped the gym. I felt better as the day wore on, so I made it to Zumba that night, but I started feeling awful again before bed. The next morning I had plans to run and walk with friends at the park and I had to cancel! My throat was feeling worse and I just felt so worn down. Then I started coughing. Then I lost my voice. I made it to my Wednesday night yoga and Thursday morning Zumba, but I really had to force myself (y’all know I can’t not exercise!). It was so bad Friday morning that I worried I might not be able to get my small bowel series done. Apparently, they didn’t care! LOL! I was still so congested Monday morning that I threw up snot for a good 2 minutes. Yuck, right? I thought it might be allergies, but allergy meds didn’t help. I’m finally feeling less congested today, and I’ve gotten a good bit of my voice back, but I’m still not 100%…and now Taylor’s starting to sound like me. It’s not nearly as bad as the stomach bug Joe Daddy’s been dealing with all week. He missed a whole day of work, came home early the next day, then went in late the rest of the week. He attempted to go into work that first day, had a bit of an accident, if you know what I mean, and had to come home. His coworkers have been texting him poop memes and I had to wash our sheets, even though I just recently washed them. I’m hoping next week is better for him too!


Sorry I’m over a day late on posting! Having a Teacher Work Day on Monday turned out to be more busy than I anticipated and I was just too tired after The Walking Dead to get on here and blog. I had planned on getting on here after the gym this morning, but Ty and I went shopping instead (Target had their sandals BOGO 50% off and I needed to get a birthday present for Taylor’s friend who’s having her party this weekend), so you’re getting this late on a Tuesday night instead of Monday morning. It is what it is. Sorry! LOL!

How was your week?

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