What I Loved About This Week

This week has been pretty amazing. Here’s what I loved about this week:

Warmer Weather


Spring is only one week away! Wahooooo! I do not enjoy Winter. I don’t like the cold, the dark, or the snow. The only thing that I ever look forward to after Fall is Christmas. Then I start counting down the days until Spring! The first official day of Spring is actually on the 20th, but we gain an extra hour of daylight starting next Sunday, and that’s all I really care about.


There’s just something about this time of year that has us all wanting to go outdoors, even those of us who are primarily indoor peeps ;).


I always get an itch to spruce everything up around the house once it starts warming up. You’d think Winter would be the perfect time to work on touch ups since we’re at home more, but for some reason, I just never have the motivation to do it. This week I finally painted the kids’ hallway and caulked the crown molding in the dining room. I decided I want to do something different in the hallway, so I took down the old decor and filled in the holes…that was over a month ago! LOL! I’m still collecting things to hang in the hallway, so it’ll just be blank for now. The caulk around the crown molding in the dining room started cracking a couple years ago. Of course, no one noticed but me, so it hasn’t been high on my list of priorities.


Next week, I gotta paint all the trim in the hallway and dining room, especially the doors (are all of your doors covered in dirt and marker scribbles like mine???). I also have to paint the dining room since the new paint I bought is a shade off from the old. In a way, I wish I would have gotten the right color, but I actually like the new color better, even though it probably looks the same to anyone else. I think it’s lighter and brighter and feels fresher. It’s been a couple years since I painted the dining room, so it needs a new coat. I moved some furniture around last year and patched the holes but never got around to sanding or painting them…until yesterday. Tristyn and Taylor are having slumber parties for their birthdays this month, so I have extra motivation to get everything done! LOL!

Hair Cuts


Nothing says Hello Spring like a new hair cut! I took Taylor, Tristyn and Trini to get their hair cut after Zumba on Tuesday. They all decided they like their hair short. Somehow, I decided to do the same!


I just got to where I could pull it up again and I went and whacked it all off. Don’t ask me why I get these crazy ideas. I like it better short for when I want to wear it down, but now I can’t pull it back at all, which is how I wear it most of the time. Oh, well. At least I know it will grow. Maybe next time I’ll remember I’d rather be able to pull it up than wear it down.


On Thursday, while Taylor was at gymnastics, I took Jules and Ty to get their hair cut. I’ve never cut Ty’s hair before (although she’s taken a couple chunks off herself), so I didn’t get it cut when I took the other girls on Tuesday. Then I thought about it for a couple of days and decided her ends were looking pretty scraggly. She did so good sitting in the chair and getting it trimmed! I guess spending $100 on hair cuts for all of us is going to be a regular thing now. Ouch.

Potty Training Ty


Yep! This is finally happening!!! I introduced this girl to the potty before she was 18 months old, but she has had no interest whatsoever…until this week. All of a sudden, she started asking to sit on the potty and has actually been going!

Ty in undees

Her sisters were so excited, they convinced her to start wearing underwear yesterday! So far she’s only had one accident! She’s still wearing pull-ups at night, and I’m sure I’ll keep her in pull-ups for when we leave the house until she’s comfortable using the potty out in public, but we’re on the road to being “diaper free!” I still have 2 girls that wear pull-ups at night because they are super heavy sleepers, so I won’t be truly diaper free until they grow out of that, but at least I won’t have to change any more diapers! Yesssss!

Feeling Stronger Than Ever!


I started taking my steroids this week.


So far, they haven’t made me angry, hungry or unable to sleep at night.



I do think they’ve given me a little extra energy and strength though! I upped my weights in my strength class to 8 lbs (from 5 lbs) and I bought some 10 lb weights for the house! I even bench pressed the 35 lb bar and did some assisted pull ups for the first time this week! I made it to 5 of my classes this week (I only missed Tuesday morning because Tristyn was sick and half of yoga on Wednesday since I had to work), I did an extra 20 minutes on the elliptical before work, 2 Bikini Body Mommy videos, and I ran 3/4ths of a mile this morning…and I’m still not sore (although my abs and armpits were a little sore the day after my Spin/Ab Class…150 crunches, 5 minutes of planking, 30 push ups and 2 minute bridges, shew!)! I haven’t ran that long since I pulled my shins 2 years ago! I couldn’t believe when I got home that I had run the entire way and my shins weren’t hurting! I’ve been saying for so long that I hate running, but the truth is, I only hated it because it caused me so much pain. I’ve noticed that I have a lot more leg strength lately, especially in my shins, which I attribute to all the jumping around I do in Zumba. I had to run 6 laps in my Friday strength class, which is the most I’ve attempted to run in quite a while, and I was surprised by how good it felt!


I’ve really been feeling down about how hard I’m working and still not seeing it in my legs. In pants they look OK, but you can still see how lumpy my thighs are (at least I can see it).


In case you’re like some of my friends who say, “Your legs aren’t lumpy, they look great!” Here ya go! PROOF! It’s bad enough to where I don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts. I’m really hoping that I can start running more and running will help shrink those fat pockets on my thighs! Otherwise, it’s gonna be a capri-pant summer for me.

Bleu’s 2nd Birthday


My sweet fur baby turned 2 years old this week! I dedicated an entire post to her, which you can read here. Taylor made her a little birthday “cake” out of her dog food and she got some special treats. We seriously love having her in our family!

My First Night of “Work”




Wednesday was my first official day as the “Closing Attendant” at my gym. I got there at 6pm, started a load of towels, dusted the trophies, and swept all 4 sets of stairs. Tristyn and Trini were the only ones with me. They hung out in the gym while I worked upstairs since their class didn’t start until 6:30pm. After I took them to class, I hopped on an elliptical, in my wedges, since I didn’t plan on working out. My elliptical partner wanted some company and I didn’t really have anything else to do for a while. I put my name and number up on the sign at the desk and just kept my phone with me. I even went to my yoga class for a little while. Then at 7:30pm, I checked all the bathrooms, swept the track, folded the load of towels I had washed and dried, and headed back down to yoga to say good night to my friends while the last couple of people in the gym finished working out. Right at 8pm, I turned off all of the TVs, machines, lights and fans, made sure everything was in its place and the doors were locked. I turned in my keys, picked up the girls and headed home! It was so easy! I’m so glad I decided to take on this extra little job to save myself $29 a month!


Next week, I’ll be sure to wear my normal clothes. No more working out in heels ;).

The Book Fair


I don’t think I’ve ever gone to The Book Fair with my girls. The older kids get an allowance, so whenever they want to spend money at school, they just do it. We are just now starting allowances with the little girls, and they all wanted to spend their money on a book from The Book Fair. Tristyn picked a book that had paper Barbie doll punch-outs. Trini picked a Shopkins book. Ty picked a pink kitty cat book that came with a cute little necklace. Taylor opted to go with her class, but she still came home with 3 books, a poster, 2 pens and 2 book marks.

Taylor’s Little Business


A couple weeks ago, Taylor broke out her loom bracelet kit and started making bracelets again.


Then she branched out and started making some other neat stuff. Next thing I know, she’s coming home with a bag full of money from selling them at school! I think she’s made almost $40 so far, $10 of which she had to put back into her business for more materials, and the rest she spent at The Book Fair. Her boyfriend has been her biggest customer! LOL! She has a whole sheet of custom orders from her friends too! It’s the cutest thing to watch! I’m just glad she’s so good with money. I know that a lot of people don’t agree with giving kids an allowance, but it has really taught my kids the value of a dollar. They don’t have chores and they don’t do specific jobs for me to earn their money, but they do have to help around the house with whatever I ask for. Sometimes it’s washing dishes, sometimes it’s feeding the dog, sometimes it’s baby-sitting, whatever I need at the time. They each get $20 a month: $10 to spend and $10 to save (the little girls are just getting $5 a month to spend right now, they’ll each get a savings account and $20 a month when they are 8, per the requirements of the child savings account we use through Capital One). Jules and Taylor both have several hundred dollars in their savings accounts. Taylor spends her allowance as soon as she gets it, but Jules tends to save until he has a bunch and then goes on a spending spree. I’m glad to see that Taylor has figured out a way to up her “income” without having to dip into her savings or get credit from me!

Sending Taylor to See Real Gymnasts in Action


Taylor’s bestie invited her to go see the Gym Dogs compete against Auburn! She absolutely loved getting to see real gymnasts in action, even though the team she was rooting for lost by .05 points!

Homework with My Girls


I despise homework. I hate that I send my babies to school for 7 hours and then they’re supposed to come home and do more school work. But, it is what it is. No point in trying to fight it. Tristyn and Trini have 5 sight words they have to learn each week. Tristyn really struggled with sight words last year (Taylor struggled with them too, I think they both have dyslexia). This year, things have really started clicking for her! She just passed the test for her first 100 sight words, so she’s on to next 50! Now that she knows so many words, she’s actually reading books! Even her teacher has been impressed! We were high-fiving and hugging last week when I went to eat lunch with her! It’s that big of a deal for us! Trini is like a little sponge, just like her brother. She just picks up on things so quickly. I’m so thankful for SpellingCity.com. I’m able to input their sight words each week and then there are activities for them to do using them. They can click on the words to hear them and see how they are spelled and then they can play games where they have to find the word they hear, find the missing letters, unscramble the letters, play Hangman, print out practice sheets for writing the words, etc. The girls love it, and it makes it to where I don’t have to help them as much. They come home, eat dinner, and hop on the computer for 20 minutes or so, then spend another 10 minutes on their worksheets before we leave for church and sports.

A Lazy Saturday At Home


Ever since we started basketball cheer back in December, we haven’t had a lazy Saturday at home! The rest of this month’s Saturdays are filled with birthday parties, then next month we start soccer so we won’t have another lazy Saturday at home for three months! I soaked up every minute of it…and my house paid the price! LOL! It’s trashed. Oh, well. I took today to get some work done, so it’ll just have to wait til tomorrow.


We all missed not having cheer though. The girls put on their uniforms, got out their pom poms and did a little cheering at the house, LOL! They are already asking when they get to cheer again! They’re excited to start soccer though too.

A Night Out For Joe Daddy


Joe Daddy had to go to a meeting for work out of town, so he made plans to stay with a friend who lives out where he was going to be. He and that friend went to Top Golf and had a few drinks. He never goes out and hardly ever does anything for himself, so I was glad he took this opportunity to have fun with a friend. Of course, he texted me saying he missed us, but I know he enjoyed a night away.

And that is what I loved about this week!

How was your week?

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