Trini’s Birthday Week


This past week my 4th child, my 3rd girl, Trinity Faith turned 5 years old!

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It’s a little hard to believe it’s been 5 whole years since I welcomed her out of my body and into our lives!

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When she was first born, I couldn’t believe how chunky she was! She was over 8lbs (my other 3 were 6-7lbs) and had rolls for days! And over the course of her first 2 years, I watched those rolls slowly disappear. Now, she’s a skinny little thing just like her brother and sisters (although she still has those cheeks I love to squeeze)!

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Last year, was Trini’s first year at school. I didn’t worry about how well she’d do one bit. She’s so much like her brother and picks up on things really fast. She already knew most of what they teach in pre-k before she even started! I did worry about whether or not she’d show her temper. She’s got a fiery spirit like her mama. You don’t want to see us mad! LOL! But on her last progress report, the teacher said that Trini was one of the kids they used as an example for model behavior! And oddly enough, her temper tantrums have dissipated over the last year.


Trini is the summer baby (we have 2 birthdays in the spring, 2 in the fall, 1 in the summer, and mine and Joe Daddy’s are in the winter). Summer is my favorite! For her last 4 birthdays we’ve had pool parties at the house. This year I wanted to try and go off somewhere, so I asked her, “Do you want to invite all of your classmates and friends to Catch Air OR go to the water park as a family and get bicycles for you and your sisters?” She picked the water park and bicycles (which is what Mama was really hoping for).


She agreed to use the money her uncle and great-grandmother sent her on a trip to the water park, so we used the money we would have used on a party and a couple small presents to get her and her sisters bicycles (since no one had one and we want to try and go riding this summer as a family), bells/horns and doll carriers for their bikes, as well as helmets for them and their dolls.


At the end of May, my sister and her family came to visit us from Kentucky. My other sister and her son had birthdays around Memorial Day, so we decided to have a big family barbecue and outdoor movie night while they were here. Trini really wanted her cousin Bailey (who is only 2 months older than her) to come to her birthday celebration, so we celebrated Trini’s birthday while they were here too.13320353_10206464002294413_4642617454908139386_o

The outdoor movie was so much fun! We made tickets, had popcorn, gave everyone their own personal box of candy, and had plenty of glow in the dark accessories to keep everyone visible in the dark.


It was a great way to celebrate 2 of the 11 cousins’ birthdays while they were all together!


As her actual birthday approached, Trini remembered that Tristyn went to Chuck E. Cheese with her grandfather for her birthday, so she made a new request. She agreed to use the money her grandfather gave her for her birthday, so the day before her birthday (on her Daddy’s day off from work) we took a trip to see the mouse. I was really impressed that she so generously gave up so much of her birthday money to do stuff with her family! I’ve done something right with this one!


Taylor’s another story…her present to her sister was a doll house separate from the big one that was supposed to be for all of them, LOL! She even convinced the girls that they were getting quite a deal.


They have been enjoying it, and I guess that’s all that matters.


Since we’d been so busy over the first couple weeks of summer finishing the floors in our house, hosting my sister, and getting the pool set up, we hadn’t spent any time with our best friends and neighbors, so I decided to invite them over on Trini’s birthday for a pool party. Trini was a little bummed that I didn’t invite her cousins (although, in my defense, we talked about why I didn’t before hand), and once the party got started I realized it wouldn’t have been so awful to have a few more kids here. I was just thinking that we had already celebrated with them and having 8 neighbors over would be plenty of company for the day!


I tried to keep it simple with hot dogs, chips, and some sparkling watermelon lemonade, but of course, it turned into a real party, with decorations, gifts, and party favors. Apparently, I don’t know how to keep things simple, LOL.


The kids loved the party, and so did I! Who doesn’t love a good luau?


On Friday, we spent most of the day with the cousins. We took Chase with us to the foam party at the local library, where they got to play in foam…


…throw water balloons…


…play with some inflatable toys, and even do a little reading.


Then we came home and swam in the pool…


…ate some boiled peanuts…


…played in the sandbox with Holly…nekkid…


…and jumped on the trampoline…again, nekkid, LOL!


The funniest part was when my sister called and Trini got on the phone and said, “You forgot to give me my birthday present!” This girl has the memory of an elephant and has kept very close tabs on who has given her what! LOL! So when my sister came over to pick up Chase, she told Trini, “I already gave you your present…you’re swimming in it!”


In my opinion, she gave her the best present of all! Trini loves the pool and it’s something we can all use for many summers to come! It’s hard to believe that I almost didn’t put one up this year!


Yesterday, we had a lazy day. We spent most of the day in the pool. For dinner, we roasted hot dogs and s’mores over the fire pit.


When Joe Daddy got home, he hopped in the pool with us for the first time! The girls were ecstatic!


We finished up the night with snuggles on the couch, which has been our favorite thing of each day. No more worrying about bedtimes or wake-up times (although The Littles have pretty much stuck to a routine of getting up at 8am and going to sleep by 10pm). We clean up ourselves and the house, snuggle up for a show or a movie together, everyone passes out where they may, and Mommy and Daddy carry them off to bed before we make our way to ours. Oddly enough, Tristyn doesn’t like to pass out anywhere but her bed, so around 9:30pm, she gets me to tuck her in.

Today, we plan on hanging out at the house with Daddy (mostly in the pool) before we have to be at our first night of VBS. The girls are so excited for what they know the next 5 nights will bring. I’m excited to get to do a bunch of crafts with 3 year olds, possibly my own (I thought I was going to be with Trini’s group, but I was mistaken)! I’m even more excited about not having to cook dinner for the next 5 days since they are feeding the volunteers! Joe Daddy and Jules are on their own! LOL!

We still have plans to go to the water park, but it’s looking like it’ll be next month now. Regardless, Trini has had the best birthday week ever, I just know it! I love that girl so much and am so proud that God chose me to be her mommy!


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