What I Loved About This Week

This week has been rough. Here I thought I was gonna have a nice relaxing week to sit and write in preparation for the launch of the blog…instead I’ve been go, go, going non-stop!!! I’m exhausted! As with every week, there were ups and downs. Here’s a few things I loved this week (and a few things I did not love):



We had our 5th game this week, which means there are only 2 left in the season! I bribed the girls with Airheads to stand the entire time (except during breaks) and they did so much better! They pretty much always do well the first half of the game, but this time, they did better than usual before and after halftime. Tristyn wasn’t feeling well (she puked in the middle of the night on Friday but still made it to school, but said her stomach was still hurting so I let her stay home). Another girl went out of town. It was the last game my Assistant Coach could be at, so we made sure we got a selfie together.

LOTS of Time with Friends For the Kids


Soon after we got home from our basketball game, Tristyn’s little friend came over to play. She is such a sweetheart. Her and Tristyn are two peas in a pod.

12657383_892192267544759_3708866149230135608_o (1)

They’re at that age where they do questionable things.


A little while later, one of Taylor’s friends came over. She brought Valentine’s for Taylor and all of her sisters! How sweet!!! Her mom and I went to middle and high school togetherYeah, we go way back. Like 20 years back! She’s one of my most favorite people, so I’m glad our girls are friends.


After Tristyn’s friend went home, we ate dinner and watched Hotel Transylvania 2. 


Then the girls and their dolls went to bed and Joe Daddy and I watched The Visit. It was sooo creepy! I loved it!


I managed to get the whole day to myself on Monday while I prepared for my colonoscopy, but the next day a new friend of Taylor’s arrived…


and one for Jules! I’m so glad that Jules has been having friends over and going to friends’ houses again! After his best friend moved away in 5th grade, he’s really not been too sociable outside of school and online. I’m glad he’s enjoying some company again. I’m really glad it’s not excessive like his sisters though, LOL!


Those friends went home the next day…but more came! Two of my nephews, two of the neighbors and Tristyn’s little friend came back.


Another neighbor overheard the fun and decided to join in, unannounced, LOL! At one point, there were 11 kids!


I’m just glad it was nice outside!


The neighbors went home around 5pm, then I took my nephews home on the way to take Taylor to gymnastics, but Tristyn’s little friend spent the night! Other than her bestie since birth (my bestie’s daughter) and her cousins, she’s never had anyone else sleepover! She was pretty excited.


We ate dinner, then dessert, then they settled down in bed and watched a movie.


They were too cute!


On Friday, we went to Tristyn’s and Ty’s besties’ birthday party. It’s not hard to see what these two see in each other ;).


They have all been besties since birth so we’ve been to all of their birthday parties, and they have been to all of ours. I love that.


My bestie was going to have the party at her house, but she’s had an even rougher week than me, so she moved it to a park near our houses. It turned out to not only be a beautiful day to play outside…


…but the perfect day to fly kites!




I especially loved the little owl cupcakes she made! They were owl-dorable!!!


On Saturday, we drove an hour away to another birthday party. Friends of ours from years ago threw their little girl a Shopkins party at their new house. My friend made a lot of the stuff herself (and is shipping the reusable stuff in the mail so I can use it for Taylor’s upcoming birthday party since that’s the theme she’s requested!). It was super cute and it was so nice to see our old friends again…even if the drive was looooong. 


When we got home, we had a couple of hours to clean and start dinner before another friend arrived. You can probably see why I’m so exhausted now, LOL! This friend hadn’t ever been to our house before, but has been trying to make plans with Tay for a while, so I couldn’t say no, despite my extreme exhaustion (and desperation for alone time). Luckily, this friend was quiet and well-behaved and didn’t try to eat me out of house and home. She got along well with the Littles too, so she actually made it easier for Joe Daddy and I to have some time to snuggle on the couch before bed. She went home a little while ago. Yes, I am writing this post a couple of days late. It is what it is. I’ve had zero time to do it until today.

Valentine’s Day


After many years of killing myself to make every single little holiday special, I decided to tone it down a bit. I got the kids a little bit of candy, Joe Daddy a card and a small box of chocolates for us to share, some Shopkins for Tay, and some little Barbie cupids for the Littles. They went crazy for their little “hunter” dolls! LOL! Joe Daddy was so tickled that they thought they were “hunters” because they had bows and arrows! They played with them all day!


Taylor actually gave me something this year! She’s so sweet! She bought it with her own money and kept it a surprise for a couple of weeks! Of course, I love the gift, but I love the fact that she thought of her mama even more!


I made fluffy gluten/wheat free pancakes with strawberry/blueberry compote, scrambled eggs and bacon for our Valentine’s brunch.


It was still Sunday, so I went grocery shopping and did all my food prep for the week. I found some discounted Valentine’s Day treats while I was out, which we had for dessert after our yummy paprika chicken with spinach and quinoa veggie pasta. That buttery thyme sauce was delish!

TWD Valentines

I think my most favorite part of Valentine’s Day was the return of The Walking Dead! Joe Daddy and I have been super fans since season 1, but this has been my favorite season thus far! And this episode did not disappoint! It was EPIC! My favorite episode so far!

New Puppies!


Nope, not for me! My sister and my mom both adopted little beagle-dachshund puppies this week from the same litter! My sister got a male and named him Hank Hill (yeah, I said the same thing).


My mom got a female and named her Gracie (with my help :D). I think Bleu was a little worried her only child days were over, but she was still sweet to both pups who came to our house to visit before they even went to their new homes. I could seriously have snuggled with these cuties all day long…I just know that puppies grow up and are a lot of work along the way. So far, they are driving my mom and sister bananas with their whining for constant attention and middle of the night cries to go potty, but they seem to be managing this newborn stage well (I purposely looked for an older puppy when we got Bleu. At 4 months old she was pretty much potty trained and slept through the night). I can’t wait to see how these pups are once they get a little older. For now, they’ve totally got the cuteness factor working for them!



Up until this past week, I hadn’t had a cup of coffee in 3 months! I’m still staying away from caffeine, but there’s such a small amount of caffeine in decaf coffee (less than there is in dark chocolate) that I decided I would let myself have a cup once a week. Coffee is still a diuretic, and I can really tell it dehydrates me now that I don’t drink anything but water, but I don’t think it’ll hurt me to indulge once a week. I found some lactose free organic half & half at Sprouts, but we still had an entire quart of regular half & half unopened in the fridge! That stuff ain’t cheap, so it’s getting used first!

My Mom Surviving A Great Fall


My mom called me at 9pm on Thursday night out of breath, claiming she fell down her back porch steps and broke possibly her knee, toe, leg or all of them. She was taking her new puppy out to pee and thought she was on the bottom stair and fell over the last two landing all twisted up on her knee…in a pile of ants. She called me right after she managed to get herself up and into the house to her phone. I told her to elevate her leg and put ice anywhere that was swelling and wait to see how it felt in the morning. There’s nothing an ER will do for you unless you have bones sticking out of your skin or are bleeding to death, other than tell you to see an orthopedist in the morning. The next morning she woke me at 8:45am saying she needed a ride to the ortho appointment she made for 10am. That gave me 45 minutes to get dressed, get the kids dressed and in the car, drop Tristyn’s friend off at her house and the rest of the kids at my sister’s house (except Taylor who opted to tag along with me). Somehow, I managed to do all that and get to the ortho right on time. Her knee was scraped, as was her wrist. She had a lump and a bruise on the arm that she was carrying the puppy in (who miraculously managed to come out of the fall unscathed) and a scrape and some bruising on her first and second toes of her left foot, as well as her shin. The doctor took some x-rays and found that she had fractured the side of her foot where it was scraped and bruised. He taped her toes together and put her in a boot and sent her on her way. I just hate that she lives alone and always seems to need help with something, help that is hard for my sister and I to give her with our large families. I know we both want to be able to help her, it’s just difficult to find the time and energy to do so. I’m so grateful that her injuries weren’t worse! And to celebrate surviving not only her fall, but the nearly 3 hour doctor’s appointment, we stuffed our faces at Chipotle.


My Colonoscopy

I did not love not eating for an entire day, nor did I love the colon cleansing process, but I love the fact that it’s over and done with. If you’d like the full story on how it went, read it here. Suffice it to say, I really hope I don’t have to have another one til I’m 50.


I’m taking two antibiotics, metronidazole (flagyl) and ciprofloxacin (cipro), for the ulcers my GI found during my colonoscopy. One of them I have to take twice a day, the other I have to take three times a day. One of them not only tastes awful (it starts dissolving instantly), but it makes my mouth taste like complete assI’m not a gum-chewer, so I bought some spearmint Tic Tacs. I’m having to eat them like crack to keep the awful taste from bothering me. One of them is making me feel a little off, I’m assuming the one that says, “May cause dizziness.” And to top it all off, they’ve given me diarrhea, the one symptom I’ve managed to get under control. Ugh. Again, I do not love all of this, but I’m still hopeful that I’m curing my colon issues! I should know next week whether they are bacterial ulcers or Crohn’s ulcers. I’ll be so ticked if I went through this torture for nothing.

Watching Taylor Make Her Videos


Taylor has been obsessed with YouTube for years now. She loves to watch American Girl, Shopkins, Bratayley and a bunch of toy reveal channels. She’s been making her own videos since back when loom bracelets were popular, but I’ve never let her share them publicly. I told her this summer, I would help her make share-worthy videos and start her own YouTube channel that she can share publicly. This week, I let her start using my DSLR to record. Looks like I’ll be learning how to edit videos this summer. At least it will give us something to do together!


DSC_8558 2

DSC_8562 2

DSC_8569 2

DSC_8571 2

DSC_8579 2



Since I’m a little late in posting, I may as well post our pics from our 6th game! The girls did better than ever…during the first half. Trini had a complete meltdown after halftime. This was probably the worst meltdown she’s ever had (or maybe it’s just been so long since she’s had one this bad that I don’t remember). She was over cheering, but she’s become accustomed to my bribes, so she asked for McDonald’s. I told her if she could continue to cheer and behave I would take her to McDonald’s for lunch after our game. Normally, the bribes work, which is why I keep offering them. This time, it did not. She was rolling around all over the floor, not cheering, not listening, so I told her she had lost McDonald’s for lunch. Well, then she really lost it! She started screaming and crying. One of my bestie’s girls tried calming her down off to the side while we finished cheering. I packed up and headed out. Trini grabbed me by the leg, but I kept walking, dragging her as she screamed, “I WANT McDONALD’S!!!” It was so embarrassing, but I laughed it off. That’s all you can do when you’re out in public with several eyes watching you as your kid acts like a raving lunatic. I picked her up when we got to the van, put her in her car seat, buckled her and drove home lecturing her as she screamed at the top of her lungs and kicked the seat in front of her with such force that it shook the entire van. I stuck her in her room when we got home and waited for her to calm down. Of course, after she calmed down she apologized and told me how much she loved me…and then asked if she could have McDonald’s. Oy! Stubborn is an understatement. I just hope I don’t lose it before she outgrows this craziness. There’s just one basketball game left to cheer for, then we’ll have our Awards Ceremony and this first season of Upward Cheer will be a memory! Then it’s onto Upwards Soccer! I’ve never coached soccer before, so it ought to be interesting!


It’s been a rough week, but I made it! How about you?



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