What I Loved About This Week

Cheering with my Girls

This will be on my love list until it ends! It can certainly be trying at times…like when Trini decided to have a full-on meltdown for a good fifteen minutes of the game this past weekend…but I love the memories we are making together!

The Father-Daughter Dance


This was Taylor’s 3rd, Tristyn’s 2nd and Trini’s first Father-Daughter Dance! Ty felt a little left out, so we let her get dressed up and take pictures with her sisters. Joe Daddy is one lucky guy! And he’s one amazing daddy. He said a lot of the dads were up against the wall on their phones, but he danced with his girls the entire time.

Joe and Tris Dancing

Here’s Joe Daddy dancing with Tristyn…

Tris Nae Nae

…and here’s Tristyn doing her favorite dance, the whip and nae nae 🙂 They had a blast!

Ty and Mommy Date

Since Ty didn’t get to join her sisters and Daddy at the dance, we had a little Mommy-Daughter play date at the house. I could have taken her out some where, but that’s just not our style. We played the Shopkins board game, baked some yummy cookies and watched Finding Nemo then started The Princess and the Frog (they were playing on Disney Channel). We had so much fun!

My Husband

Joe Sunglasses

Of course, I love my husband every week, but this week was special! Not only did he take our girls out dancing…then do the move from Risky Business as he was getting ready for bed afterward…

Joe Birthday

…but he turned 33 too! He’s such a simple guy, which this simple gal really appreciates. All he wanted for his birthday was a strawberry cream pie…

Tatertot Casserole

…and Tater Tot casserole…the way his mama made it. I used to put veggies with the meat when I made it, but I stopped making it when I cut out things like Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Cheddar soups. I’m sure there’s a healthier way to make it, but I doubt it tastes the same. His mama made it with the veggies on the side, so that’s how I made it for his birthday. I even ate it. Creamy soups and all!

Sunday Funday

Girls Helping

Sunday is the only day Joe Daddy has off and the only day any of us get to sleep in. We decided a few months ago that we’d rather sleep in and spend our Sundays together at home instead of waking up early and going to church where we’d all end up in different places. Oddly enough, we go to church every day EXCEPT Sunday now, LOL! Sunday brunch has been a tradition for a while now, but more recently, the little girls have become obsessed with helping me in the kitchen. I usually have dinner ready by the time they get home from school, so the weekends are the only time they get to. As long as I have enough jobs for everyone, things go pretty smoothly.

Food Prep

Ty’s been really giving me a hard time when we go grocery shopping, so I decided to switch my grocery shopping day to Sunday so I could leave her at home with her dad. She doesn’t misbehave, she just begs me to leave her at home…alone. Not only was I able to shop faster, but I saved a little money since I didn’t have to stop for lunch or buy candy and lip gloss to bribe her with. When I got home, I decided that it would be nice to go ahead and take care of my food prep for the week. I boiled my eggs, chopped some of my veggies for our dinners, made a fruit salad, and bagged up the kids’ lunch snacks. It felt good to get everything on Sunday and I really feel like it made my week go much smoother.


I pretty much spring clean the inside of my house constantly. I always have a bag going of stuff to get rid of. The problem is, those bags just get thrown into our storage shed, so even though it’s set up to be nice and organized, the shed constantly looks like hoarders live in there, and not just on my husband’s side. Joe Daddy decided he wanted to spend Sunday afternoon cleaning out his side of the shed, so I cleaned out my side. I still have a ton of clothes to go through (some I’ll try to sell and some I’ll donate), but I got a good bit cleared out. Most of it was empty boxes, but there were a few things I didn’t feel like trying to sell that I sat by the side of the road for my neighbors to pick up.

Daddy fourwheel

After we finished cleaning, as the sun was going down, Joe Daddy pulled out the 4-wheeler and gave the girls a ride…in their underwear. Thank God I live in a redneck neighborhood. Any other neighbors might have called child services.

Not to upset anyone, but I would honestly rather look at a brick wall than watch sports on TV. I have tried watching them and I just don’t get what the big deal is. My husband, however, is a little bit of a sports fan. He works too much to keep up with any of them, but he did watch the Superbowl on Sunday while I worked as far away from that room as possible. Just the sound of football on TV makes me wanna stab pens into my ears. It’s seriously the most boring thing on Earth to me. Having said that, to each their own! My sister is such a super football fan that she hosts weekly football parties at her house. I’ve gone to one of them, and that was because it was partly a Halloween party too. Obviously, I still like my sister enough to hang out with her more than any other person on the planet. I won’t judge you for watching the most boring thing ever recorded. Pinky swear.

A Lazy Monday

Doc Ty

Sunday night, Trini woke me up saying her belly hurt. I asked her if she felt like she needed to puke. When she said yes, I took her to the bathroom and she immediately puked in the toilet. If only there could all puke so nicely! The next morning, she puked again, so I skipped my Zumba and Spin class and stayed home with her. Ty was happy to have a live patient for a change ;).


Even sickly, she’s still beautiful 🙂

Sleeping Bleu

Bleu had the right idea.

Trini singing

By mid-afternoon, she was up and playing like she had never been sick. Ty was happy to have someone to play with. I was just glad there wasn’t lots of puking going on.

Tay Reading

Since Taylor moved up to a new level in gymnastics, she got switched to a new day and time. It was weird, but really nice to have a nice relaxing Monday night at home. We were all ready for stories and bed by 8pm, an hour earlier than usual!

A Mini Snow Day

Snow Day

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m not a fan of snow (or the cold in general). It was very cold this week and on Tuesday, we even got some snow flurries!

Ty Jumping

Those flurries didn’t really stick to the ground, but enough of them piled up on the trampoline to warrant a trip out there for Ty (who does love the snow).

Ty Jumping

She had fun jumping on it…

Ty Eating Snow

…and tasting it, LOL!

Snow Melting

It didn’t stay long, though. It was all gone by the time the other kids got home from school. They were pretty bummed…and I guess I wish it could have hung around for them to play in it, but I’m glad it was short-lived!

Taylor’s New Gymnastics Class

Tay Gymnastics

Taylor was really excited to finally get to move up to level 3She spent eleven months at level 2 because I kept pulling her out during the summer and winter. I didn’t realize it was a year-round sport! When I enrolled her in September 2015, I promised her she could stick with it. It took her 5 months, but she finally earned all of her stars to move up! Of course, she didn’t like having to switch nights, and neither did I. Because her class is at the same time as one of my Zumba classes, and it would take me 25 minutes to get from one to the other, I had to give it up :(. The good news is: I’ve been told that she can switch back to a Monday night class as soon as they have some more girls enroll that are at her level. They have a Tuesday night class that is full, so the coach said she’d talk to some of those parents to see if they’d be interested in switching. I’m sure Taylor will make new friends in this class and get used to her new coach, which she said is much stricter than the other ones she’s had, but I’d really love to get to go to my Zumba class again!

Mom Gym

Since I couldn’t go to one of my Zumba classes at night, I went to the one they offer that same morning. They don’t offer child care at that time, but Ty did great just hanging out in the youth room. She just watched a movie on my phone the whole time.

Bikini Body Mommy

The founder of BikiniBodyMommy.com is Briana Christine, a personal trainer who has free workout videos that average 20 minutes long. She claims to have lost 100 lbs after she had her 3rd child using the methods she shares. She eats a gluten-free, grain-free and refined sugar-free diet, which she also shares in detail, but for $10/month. In 2014, she had a miscarriage. She decided to start recording videos of herself getting back into shape in real time. In 2015, she got pregnant with her 5th child, whom she gave birth to this past week, so she’ll be starting a 5th series soon.


I decided to start doing BBM’s 1st 90 Day Challenge after realizing that I’m just not pushing myself anymore. I go to 3 Zumba classes, a Yoga class and occasionally a strength class, but I’m almost never sore unless I do the strength class…then I get too sore, to where I don’t want to go back for a couple weeks. I liked the sound of BBM’s short videos that I can do from home in addition to my gym classes. I don’t want to give them up because I enjoy them and they keep me consistent. I’ve just realized: I need more than cardio, core and stretching. I need to work my muscles more! I ran across an article about a woman who not only lost a bunch of weight, but looks super ripped. She claims to have achieved her goals through weight lifting. She said she went to BodyBuilders.com to get started, so I checked it out myself. I came across some info on creatine, glutamine, and BCAA (branched chain amino acids). Because they support endurance and recovery time, they peaked my interest. I remembered that my husband was gifted a bunch of supplements from a friend at work last year when he was working out consistently. Ever since he got promoted, he hasn’t had time to doing anything but work, so I had packed up all of his supplements and put them in the storage shed. I pulled them out of the shed and found plenty to get me started. I found some decently priced options on Amazon.com to try once I run out.

Body Changes

 Per BBM’s instructions, I took some before photos of myself, as well as my weight and measurements. I just so happened to come across a pic of me from last year when I was doing a weight loss challenge with my MOMS Club friends. I decided to take a picture in the same outfit to see how much my body has changed over the past 5 months. The bra is actually a smaller size (the one on the left was a 36B; the one on the right is a 34B), but the shorts still fit, just not as snuggly ;). Because I measured myself last year, I was able to compare those numbers as well. I lost 3″ around my thighs, an inch around my calves, an inch around my biceps, 3″ around my bust, 4″ around my waist, and 4.5″ around my hips! That’s a total of 18.5″! I’ve seen it in the way my clothes fit and I’ve noticed that I have more muscle definition, but mostly I feel stronger than ever. I just know that in order to get my body where I want it to be, I’m going to have to work even harder.

I want to point out that in this picture I might look great to some of you. I’ll concede that I’ve made major improvements over the past three years. I’ve dropped 30 lbs, at least 30″ and ten pants sizes! I still have a ways to go. Do I need my arms to be smaller? No, I just want them to be less jiggly (they don’t look jiggly in the picture, but trust me, I still have BINGO arms). Do I need my waist to be smaller? No. I’m perfectly fine with a 27″ waist. I just want my “butt gut” to slim down more. You can’t see the butt gut in these shorts, but you can see it in one of the pics I’ve posted in my full weight gain and loss story, check it out here. You can’t see all the stretch marks I have in these photos either. That’s due to poor lighting. I promise, they are bad. Do I need my thighs to have a gap between them? No, I just don’t want them to have the huge fat pockets and cellulite everywhere. They need the most work of all. They look OK in pants, but my goal is to be able to wear shorts again comfortably. I swear I’m not determined to look like a super model…or a body builder. I really don’t even care about the number on the scale as much as I just want to be fit and toned. I’m closer to that goal than ever, but I’m not there just yet.


I’m on Day 4 of BBM’s workout videos. They are short and sweet, but man do they kick my butt! I’m also on Day 4 of my new supplements and I gotta say, I think they’re working! I’ve been taking BCAA and creatine before I work out, as well as a daily multivitamin/mineral, B12 and Omega-3. At night I take another multivitamin. Not only have I been able to do my daily BBM Challenge videos, but I went to my strength class at the gym and a HIIT Zumba class (in addition to 2 other Zumba classes) and I’m sore, but I’m not in pain! One of my instructors at my gym said that I’m probably getting so sore from not doing consistent strength training, and I have a feeling she’s right. That’s why I’m so thankful for Bikini Body Mommy’s videos! I think doing a little strength training every day is helping!

Valentine’s Fun for the Kids

VDay School

I used to be that mom that baked a cake and decorated for every little holiday on the calendar. I’d do crafts with the kids, dress them up in coordination outfits, take their picture and make a big production. As you can imagine, given the amount of potential holidays in our country, it was exhausting. And to tell the truth, the kids usually complained more than anything. Last year, I decided to scale things back. Now, the only things I go out of my way to do are the things the kids ask to do. Not only does it save me time and effort, spare me some whining, but it’s much cheaper this way too. The girls each got a box of Skittles Valentines for their classes that were $2.50 each. They just so happened to have shirts with hearts on them in their closets, so that’s what they wore on the day of their exchanges. I did get them each a little gift for tomorrow, as well as a $1 card for my hunny, but I did not go all out. It’s just not my thing anymore. We’re not even going out to eat. I’m making chicken, rice and spinach for dinner. Fancy, right?

VDay Treats

The girls came home loaded with loot! Thankfully, enough to share with Ty. A few parents got creative and made cute little things for them, but in the end, they ate the candy and threw the rest away. Taylor gave her boyfriend a stuffed puppy, which is exactly what he got her, plus a glass bear that lights up different colors. They are too cute!


A few months ago I heard about ThisLife through Shutterfly, where I’ve been ordering my picture books from since 2011. Not only do they back up all of the photos that I upload onto my computer, but all of the pictures I post to Facebook from my cell phone too! Given the amount of pictures I take, it’s really hard to find them again on Facebook unless I put them in an album, which I’ve started doing, but haven’t always. I have 10,000 pics on my Mobile Upload folder alone. You can bet that you won’t find me looking through all 10,000 of those ever! ThisLife puts them in chronological order so as long as I know about when I took a picture, I can easily find it. I’m still working on putting all of my pictures into more organized albums on my external drives. It’s a never-ending task though. I did happen to find this awesome pic of Jules from our camping trip in 2008. He was only 5! It’s amazing how fast time flies. Thank God I take so many pictures. I never want to forget a minute of my kids growing up!

From 3 months to 3 years in the blink of an eye!

I call this one “Joe Daddy Poppins.” I could seriously reminisce all. day. long.

Keep Calm

I am so glad we have the next week off from school! I enjoy being on a schedule, but I definitely don’t enjoy waking up at 6am every day. It’s nice to have a break every few weeks. This week I will be working on making final touches to the website so I can finally launch the blog! I’ve been working on it for a month now and I’m so ready to share it! I’m also looking forward to my colonoscopy, well, getting the results of my colonoscopy. I’m definitely not looking forward to the prep or being put to sleep!

All in all, we had a pretty good week!

How was your week?






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