What I Loved About This Week

Cheering with My Little Squad


Coach and girls Upward 2016 3

Growing up, I had always wished I could have been a cheerleader. So of course, when I had Taylor, I couldn’t wait for her to turn 5 so I could make her a cheerleader! I dragged that girl through two seasons before I finally let her quit. Fortunately, I have 3 other girls, hee hee! So this past fall, I signed Tristyn and Trini up to cheer for my nephew’s football team. Since Trini was only 4, I had to coach their team. I hadn’t planned on coaching, but since I had helped enough with Taylor’s squads, I agreed to take on the challenge. I ended up really enjoying coaching. I think it was mostly because I don’t like to depend on other people, and I’m very anal methodical in the way I do things, so I enjoy leading more than following. The girls really enjoyed it too, although they had many of the same complaints that Taylor had when she cheered. They didn’t like the late games or being outside when it was too hot or too cold or raining. So when our church started sign ups for Upward basketball cheerleading, I asked them if they would be interested in cheering indoors at our church. Of course, they said YES! They love going to church. We just had our 3rd game of the season this past weekend. It was the first time I felt comfortable enough letting them do their halftime pom routine, but they totally rocked it! They’ve also been remembering the cheers, cheering loudly and cheering together. I’m so proud of all of these girls, and I love that I get to share this experience with my girls. It isn’t always easy, but it’s so rewarding.

Sleepovers with Cousins


Saturday night, I went out to a friend’s house so the kids went to my sister’s for a sleepover. I love that they have four cousins nearby. They’re the kind of best friends you keep forever.


I mean, seriously. How cute are they?

Grocery Shopping with My TyTy


Ty hates grocery shopping as much as I do, but it has to get done…every dang week. This week I went a day later than usual because I wasn’t feeling well all day Sunday or Monday. Wanna hear about how I nearly killed myself with Sangria? Go here. This week I also decided to visit Sprouts again. I used to go there weekly, but I found that I could get everything I needed from Kroger and Aldi, which are both 10 minutes closer. I was so glad I went the extra 10 minutes! Sprouts had some excellent sales on meat this week so I was able to stock up without breaking my weekly budget! And Ty just loves their organic suckers for $0.25. After Sprouts we made a pit stop at Chick-fil-A. She was already begging to go home so we went inside to eat. She ate all of her food and didn’t want to play, so it turned out to be a waste of time…except for the clown nose she got, which helped keep her happy while we shopped at Aldi. Then we went to Kroger, where I bribed Ty to stay in good spirits with a new Chapstick. After that, we got gas and headed home to unload. When we got home, we had no water. I called the water company to see what the dilly was (since I pay everything on automatic draft), and they said there was a water main break and they had no idea how long it would take for them to get it fixed. Great. I had tons of fruits and veggies to wash and prep, eggs to boil, clothes and dishes to wash, dinner to cook and I really needed a shower before cheer practice! I managed to get dinner cooked without needing the water (although I had to use bottled water to wash my hands after dry rubbing my pork chops), but the rest had to wait. By the grace of God, the water came back on just in time to take a shower before heading to the bus stop to get the girls!

Washing the Van in the Rain with Ty



I just happened to notice this week that my van was filthy. I don’t normally wash it in the winter months because it’s too cold, but we had a nice little warm spell this week…only I missed out on the dry warm spell being sick and grocery shopping. For some odd reason, I decided it might be fun to wash the van in the rain…and I was absolutely right! We were totally soaked, but it wasn’t cold so we didn’t mind. Ty actually helped me scrub the van so it didn’t take us too long to get it nice and white again. My plan to wash the van in the rain didn’t save us much water though. I still had to spray it off with the hose. Oh, well. At least we had fun and cleaned the van. Mission accomplished.

Working Out with My Girls


I missed Monday’s classes since I wasn’t feeling well, but I still made it to all of the others. Taylor joined me for Zumba on one night and yoga on another. I love that she’s so health conscious, but she’s slightly overly conscious about her body, which I don’t like. I want her to know that while skinny may come naturally to her right now, it might not as she gets older so she will have to work hard to stay fit. I don’t want her to learn the hard way, which is how I learned. However, I don’t want her to be overly concerned with how she looks. Exercising and eating right should be mostly about being healthy so you feel good. If you look good because of it, then that’s just a nice bonus. Tristyn, Trini and Ty joined me for Zumba on another night. I was really anxious letting them dance with me during my “me time,” but they were too cute trying to dance along. Of course, they were also a huge distraction, so I hope they don’t think they’re coming every week now.

Watching Ty Play with Her Best Friend


Almost 8 years ago, we bought our first house, the house we live in now. On my son’s first day of kindergarten, we walked to the bus stop and discovered that one of his friends from pre-k lived in the house on the corner. That little girl and Taylor hit it off, so we started getting together to let the kids play after school. Almost 8 years later, and several kids later, that little girl’s mom and I are best friends and several of our kids are best friends as well. Her youngest is 8 months older than Ty, but they are the best of friends. Ty asks daily to see her “boyfriend,” which isn’t possible for this busy mama. I do try and have him over for a play date at least once a week though. They play so well together. It’s the cutest thing to watch.


Ty asked him, “Do you want some olive juice?” which was very generous of her considering how much she loves olive juice!


Well, he, probably like most kids, doesn’t like olive juice so he said, “No thank you.” She didn’t mind at all though! “More for me!”

Fruit Salad


I usually keep bananas, apples, clementines and frozen fruit for smoothies on hand. Occasionally, I’ll grab some other fruit too. This week I decided that I need more variety. I bought honey dew, grapes, pineapple, blueberries, kiwi and strawberries (in addition to the bananas, apples, clementines and frozen fruit). I washed and picked the grapes so they can just be scooped out of a bag. I cut up the honey dew into wedges so they’re easy to grab. Then I cut up the pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries and threw them into a huge bowl with the blueberries and some lime juice and called it “fruit salad.” Not only has it increased the amount of fruit I’ve eaten this week, but my kids can’t get enough! Even my picky son said, “Mom, you gotta make this again!” Done!

Power Breakfasts


I’ve been really trying to up my protein. I have this one weight class that kills me every time I do it. I keep trying to avoid it, but the truth is, I need it. I just don’t push myself hard enough on my own, but every time I do the class, I’m in agony for days. The last time I made it through the whole hour, I pulled both of my quads and couldn’t walk right for five days. I want to be a little sore. I don’t want to be disabled. This past week I only did half a class and I was still sore for 2 days! I feel like I eat plenty of protein, but I’m really gonna start paying attention. So if you see me posting about #PowerBreakfast, #PowerLunch, or #PowerDinner, that’s why. This week I got some steel cut oats from Sprouts and added flax and chia seeds, chopped pecans, a sliced banana and a tablespoon of maple syrup. It was so good! And gave me 10 grams of protein! I don’t eat breakfast before I work out in the morning, so I only eat breakfast 3 times during the week.


My other #PowerBreakfast this week was a boiled egg, 1/4 cup roasted almonds and some of the fruit salad that I made. It had over 12 grams of protein! Nothing beat the 22 grams of protein I got from my 2 scrambled eggs and sausage patties I had at CFA though! I’m sure the sausage was full of not-so-healthy stuff too, so I’m not saying protein equals healthy, I just need the extra protein and I hadn’t had sausage in a while so I splurged.

Short-Lived Sickness


Poor Tristyn woke me up around 1am this morning saying her tummy didn’t feel well. I could see the urgency in her eyes, so I took her to the bathroom where she blew chunks…thankfully in the toilet. I was so worried that it was the start of a stomach bug, but she slept through the night and felt well enough to make it to school. Normally, I would have kept her home just because she was sick the night before, but with the truancy charges looming, I have no choice but to send her in sick and let them decide if she needs to come home. It made me physically ill to send her this morning, but in this case, it worked out. She made it through the entire day without puking and seems to be doing fine. She never ran a fever either, so there’s a chance that something just didn’t agree with her.

Another Fun Friday Night


Somehow Taylor convinced me to let two of her besties spend the night. The girls she invited are a lot like her. They don’t get loud and crazy and they’ll actually go to bed at a decent time. Plus, they’re sweet to my little girls and include them in on most of their fun. I’m not big on slumber parties, honestly I’m not! Somehow, we end up with one of Tay’s friends over here every other weekend and she goes to her friend’s house on the weekends she doesn’t have someone over. That girl is good at convincing me to do things I don’t like doing, like having people over and buying things I don’t need, LOL! At least she’s at an age where I don’t worry about her being away from me as much and I don’t have to do much for her friends when they’re here.

Taylor’s Progress Report


Tay has been struggling pretty hard in school over the past couple of years. If you want the whole backstory, go here. I took a more hands off approach with her this year thinking that at least if she failed, the school would step in and do more for her there, which did and didn’t happen. She tested into the EIP program for math when she went back to school this year, but passed for reading even though she struggles with it the most. Her teacher said it’s because of a lack of focus, but I’ve reminded him time and time again that I don’t think she can fully help that. I asked him if it would help to have her evaluated for ADHD, and he said he wouldn’t unless she’s failing. I’ve told Tay to speak up and let her teacher know when she doesn’t understand something, but she says he just shuts her down before she can even speak, telling her she needs to figure it out, that she shouldn’t need his help. It’s stuff like that that infuriates me. Not every kid is capable of figuring things out on their own, that’s why there are teachers leading the learning, to guide and assist. I don’t want anyone to give her the answers, and surprisingly, neither does she. She’s always been a hard worker, willing to earn her way. Her brain just doesn’t process or retain things as quickly as most kids her age. After her grades kept going down, I decided to at least step in and help her study for her social studies, science and spelling tests. I’ve never refused her help, but I also didn’t force it on her until after the 2nd quarter of school. Studying with her has obviously helped, as well as her EIP teacher. All of her grades have improved…except her reading, which actually went down (albeit just one little point). These grades make me happy because they make Tay happy. She was so pleased with herself for bringing them up, and thanked me for my help!

This week was rough. It got off to a rocky start and didn’t get much easier as the days went on. I was exhausted all week. I still managed to make it to 4 classes at the gym, go grocery shopping, clean the van, clean the house, cook dinner, eat lunch with my girls, and have a successful cheer practice and game. I even managed to do our taxes…I just need to file them…and soon since our house flooded again when the heavy rains came this week, ugh. Thank God for my kids. Their sweet little faces are all it takes to keep me going!

How was your week?


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