Spring Family Pictures

My family hates taking pictures…at least the kind where I ask them to wear coordinating outfits and pose in an outdoor location. They have no problem asking me to take their picture when they’re in their underwear, house looking like it blew up in the background. No problem at all then! Haha!

Like it or not, I still demand that my family take pictures together a few times every year.

I want to preserve as many memories of our life together, because let’s face it, we won’t all be together for very long.

I’ve let up on the amount of family pictures I require them to take. I still try and get shots of us together when we go places, but as far as making plans to get gussied up and take “official” family photos, I try to keep those to a minimum: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

It’s been working out to just take our winter family pictures during our family gathering during Christmas. Not only do I get a shot of our immediate family, but our extended ones as well.

DSC_8110 2

Likewise, it just makes sense to take our spring family pictures on Easter.

Last year, my friend at church, who happens to be a photographer, took everyone’s family picture at church on Easter for free! 


He did the same thing this year, only we decided to join my mom and sister at my mom’s church, so we missed out :(.

We still carved out a few minutes before our family egg hunt to strike a pose…in my sister’s front yard of all places! Haha!

DSC_8815 2

Everywhere we went, people went crazy over the girls’ dresses! Obviously, I thought they were cute enough to buy them, but I think people were probably more excited over the fact that the girls all matched. I don’t typically put the girls in the exact same dress because I prefer to coordinate instead of “match,” so I’ll put them in the same style dress in varying colors or prints, or the same prints in different colors, or the same print in varying styles of dresses, but when I came across the sale for Jelly the Pug dresses on Zulily for $12.99 last summer, I couldn’t pass them up! I figured the best way to let the girls stand out would be to put the rest of us in white. Mission accomplished!

DSC_8821 2

After I took a shot of all 7 of us together, I got individual shots of the kids. I typically get a shot of just the kids together, but I was feeling rushed since we were getting ready to do an egg hunt with my niece and nephews.

DSC_8822 2

My sweet Tristyn 🙂

DSC_8823 2

My sassy Trini 🙂

DSC_8825 2

She can be sweet too ;).

DSC_8828 2

My cutie pie Ty 🙂

DSC_8829 2

She has this habit of turning her head to the side when she takes pictures…

DSC_8830 2

I have no idea why she does it, but I’m constantly telling her, “Just smile! You don’t need to touch your head to your shoulder!” Hahaha!

DSC_8831 2

Better 🙂

DSC_8832 2

My just-turned-10 tween! I don’t know how much longer she’ll let me dress her like The Littles, but I’m gonna milk it as long as I can!

DSC_8835 3

DSC_8835 4

I tried to get a full-body shot and a close up of each kid, but the close ups I got of Taylor were awful. For some reason, she couldn’t smile anymore without looking constipated.


See? WTH???

DSC_8838 2

Jules wasn’t much better. He looked stoned in every picture I took of him. He tried to blame it on the sun…it was overcast. At least he wore the Mr. Roger’s sweater I got him! I love it!

DSC_8841 2

His eyes look the least squinty in this one.

DSC_8844 2

He thought it was hilarious that his eyes looked like straight lines in every picture I took. I did not.

DSC_8846 2

So I made him take a selfie with me. Best punishment I could think of at the time ;).

DSC_8865 2

Joe Daddy actually enjoys taking selfies with me :).

DSC_8874 2

I got a full body shot of us too :D. Love.

10 minutes after I set up my tripod, I took it down and started hiding eggs.

I didn’t take award winning photographs, but I captured our family as we are in this moment in time, quickly and for free.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How often do you get your family’s picture taken?

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