Our Amazing Anniversary Weekend!

This past Saturday marked mine and Joe Daddy’s 15th anniversary! We aren’t big celebrators, but we do enjoy taking a little time each year (on our birthdays and anniversary) to spend a few hours alone.


At 9:45am on Saturday morning, we woke up to a surprise breakfast of ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches, made by Taylor.


Bleu wanting in on the action! LOL!


Taylor also helped The Littles make us some sweet cards! #HaveAGoodHappyLUCKEYAntiversy #DaddyWorksAndMommyWorksOut


Joe Daddy brought in some red roses, like we had at our wedding, and the flutes from our wedding and filled them with apple juice since I don’t drink anymore. #39DaysAndCounting.


He even sprinkled little drops of water on them to make them even prettier (knowing I would be taking a picture of them)! #HeGetsMe


We spent the first part of our day just hanging with the kids at the house. Then at 4pm, we picked up my mom and dropped her and the girls off at my sister’s, even though she was headed out for the night as well (to a wedding). Our mom and her dad and step-mom were gracious enough to agree to add our crew to the bunch they were already keeping tabs on for the night! I don’t normally trust just anyone with my kids, but Nana, Opa, and Cherie are on the very short list! It’s kinda crazy seeing my mom and ex-step-dad get along so well, but I’m super thankful since we all end up having to be around each other so much.


Our typical date of choice is dinner and a movie. For dinner, we decided to try a place on a neighboring town square that has a little rooftop you can eat on. It was super cute and had a great view of the cute little town square, but because we got there at 5pm, it was pretty sunny out, so it was a little hot.


Joe Daddy ordered the ahi tuna BLT on focaccia bread and I ordered the Santa Fe chicken sandwich with avocado and pico de gallo. We both chose fries as our side, even though I was kinda interested in the kale slaw. We split our sandwiches and traded halfsies (which we typically do when we eat out). My sandwich was sooo good. Joe Daddy’s was disappointing. The ahi tuna was pretty flavorless and the bread was like styrofoam (the bacon, lettuce, and tomato were the best part of the sandwich 🙁  ). Over all, we enjoyed our experience, but I doubt we’ll go back. It wasn’t anything to brag about.


We had about an hour to kill between dinner and the movie, so of course, we ended up at Walmart (our favorite store). #NoShame


Taylor was really unhappy about having to spend the night at her cousins’ house, so we bought her a poop emoji pillow to cheer her up. Right about the time we were walking out to the car with it, she texted me with, “I hate you.” So I replied, “I guess I’ll take this back then,” and sent her a picture of the pillow. After that she was much nicer and actually helped Cherie take care of the little kids. I don’t always bribe my kids, but hey, whatever works! #TeensAndTweensWillNOTBeTheDeathOfMe


After we got bored in Walmart, we headed to the movie theater, but still had some time to kill, so we made a pit stop at Ross. I actually found something I’d been looking for: mats to cover the messed up floors in the living room where the girls’ play kitchen is! I was even more impressed that I only found one thing! LOL! #Shopaholic


We love scary movies, so I was stoked there was one out that we both wanted to see! It was sooo good y’all!!! I was jumping and screaming and squeezing my man for dear life! I love a good scary movie! My heart was racing for a good half hour afterwards! That might have also been in part to all the sugar I ingested between the M&Ms and cherry Sprite 😉 . #DontBreathe


We got home close to 11pm, watched some TV, played a little dress up 😉 , and cleaned the house til 2am. We couldn’t resist this Ted suit when we found it in Walmart! The kids love it too! LOL! #ISleptNextToMyVeryOwnRealLiveTeddyBear #HeSeriouslyFellAsleepInIt


We woke up around 9:30am the next morning so we could pick up the kids by 10am. We scooped up the girls first. Cherie said they didn’t give her any problems and that Taylor was a big help (success!). Then we grabbed Jules from his friend’s house and got everyone a biscuit from Hardee’s so we could finish picking up the house before Pa came over to watch the kids while we went to the tattoo parlor. We took one last picture(s) of ourselves without our new tattoos.


A couple years ago, we decided to start getting tattooed for our anniversary. We were 31 and 32 when we got our first tattoos! I went ahead and got two, since I couldn’t decide between one for me (the peacock feather) or one for the kids (the 5 bird silhouettes). Joe Daddy knew he wanted a hunting sleeve eventually, but the artist he got just copied one of the pictures he brought in instead of coming up with any original ideas. I remember it hurting like hell, during and after, so I was pretty darn anxious, especially when my artist said it would probably take two hours from start to finish!


Well, it took three. It was the most God-awful pain, but it was totally worth it! It’s not what I envisioned or asked for, but it came out beautifully. I got the same guy who did my first two tattoos, which is kinda cool, only now that he’s given me two tattoos that aren’t what I asked for, I think I’ll go with someone different next time 😉 .


I think next time, I’ll ask for Joe Daddy’s artist! He did such an amazing job, and gave Joe the deal of a lifetime! #Jelly


Joe Daddy’s half sleeve took six hours to complete, but it looks amazing!!! The guy drew it on his arm with a sharpie, which took about 3 hours, then…


…he outlined it in ink, taking another 3 hours. Look at those clean lines and all that detail! He stayed an hour after they closed to finish it and charged the same price as they charged for mine! #WhatADeal


Of course, we got home too late to take our “after” picture (it was after 8pm, so the sun had already gone down 🙁 ), but Joe Daddy got home in time tonight! Yep! We totally hopped back into our dirty clothes from yesterday to take these! I think we look so much cooler with our tattoos! #CouplesThatGetTattooedTogetherStayTogether


My shoulder feels like someone punched me in it twenty times and then viciously rubbed it with sandpaper. I knew it was gonna hurt, but that really doesn’t make it any easier. I still made it to Zumba this morning. I even wore my new red snakeskin pants that I also found at Walmart on Saturday (which I’ve been wanting for a while, but they didn’t have my size at any of the Walmarts I’ve been to over the past couple of months). I was in excruciating pain for most of my class, but it’s Zumba. You can’t not enjoy it!


I also got to try my new amino acids this morning, and I gotta say: they are AWESOME! My cousin encouraged me to try them. I’m so glad I took his advice! I had more energy than ever…and I only took half the recommended dose! I can’t wait to see how awesome they make me feel when I’m not in so much pain! LOL!


For those of you keeping count: I’m up to 12 pills every morning. Shew!

And that was our amazing anniversary weekend! I can’t wait for next year! I’ve already got a bunch of tattoo ideas ready to go! #NotStoppingTilImCovered

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