My Whole30 Shopping Experience at Aldi and Walmart

Last week, I posted about my Whole30 Shopping Experience at Trader Joe’s. Well, this week I’m gonna share with you some of my finds (and disappointments) at Aldi, their sister store, and the store I need to avoid at all costs if I wanna get out of debt: Walmart.


I recently tried prosciutto for the first time ever, and I am happy to report that it is DELICIOUS! I could totally swap it out for bacon in just about any meal. At $2.99 for about 6 strips, it’s about the same price as the uncured bacon I was buying anyway. I’m still on the hunt for decently priced bacon or pork belly though!

Here’s Walmart’s prosciutto options, for comparison.

Organic Grass Fed Beef

Even with 15% fat, you don’t have to drain the grease when you cook this meat! It is wonderfully priced as well! Thank you Aldi!

Fresh Chicken

Aldi has great prices on all of their fresh meats. Chicken is no exclusion. They even have an all natural, though not organic, option. All chicken is raised without hormones (due to Federal regulations), and most are raised without the use of antibiotics (unless they get sick), so I tend to just focus on the price tag and get whatever’s the best deal. Don’t be fooled by those “Never Any” labels. Do your research on what they mean! And if you check the weekly ads before you shop, you can make sure Aldi is offering the best price. They aren’t always the cheapest.

Organic Cage Free Brown Eggs

Remember when looking for the best eggs you want: pastured, Omega-3, organic, cage free, then conventional. The organic cage free eggs are a little cheaper than the ones you can find at Walmart, but I still think the Omega-3 cage free eggs at Trader Joe’s for $2.39 are a much better deal! I have seen pastured eggs at Kroger, but they are $5+ per dozen.

For comparison, here are Walmart’s egg options.

Frozen Salmon

Salmon is really healthy (and one of my most favorite foods). I personally prefer fresh(er) fish and watch for Sprouts or Kroger to mark their fresh salmon to $5.99/lb, but I have tried all of the frozen fish at Aldi, and they’re NOT BAD, especially for the price. They do all come from China though, so if you’re funny about that, steer clear. Most nutritionists agree that wild Alaskan salmon is the best fish to eat.

Yes, even the super cheap frozen salmon is doable! I have heard too many negative things about tilapia, so I haven’t bought any of it in a long time, but again, it tastes fine and is very affordable.

They have great prices on shrimp as well. Shrimp is another one of those things you should try to avoid if imported. Shrimp from the Gulf is best.

Just do a little research, check your labels, shop around, and decide what’s best for you! (Walmart has similar options at a higher price.)

Did I mention Aldi has cold smoked salmon?


As mentioned, there were a few disappointing revelations made during my Aldi trip. I was surprised to find that some of the items I normally buy (and assumed I would be able to continue buying) have crazy stuff in them making them incompliant! The white albacore canned tuna has SOY in it! Boo! Same goes for the regular canned tuna.

However, they now have a new tuna that doesn’t have soy in it, although it does have vegetable broth made with yellow pea. I’m assuming that if I drain the liquid, I’m technically only left with tuna and salt. I’m still hoping to find an affordable canned tuna without anything on the no list.

Hot Dogs

My kids love hot dogs, but I’m not much of a fan. I was buying these uncured angus beef ones from Walmart, but they have DEXTROSE in them, which is sugar in case you didn’t know.

They do have another option for $1 more that does not have sugar in them! These are even from grass fed cows! You won’t see me eating them, but at least the kids can still enjoy one of their favorite foods!

Chicken Apple Smoked Sausage

It turns out that Aidell’s is not the only option for Whole30 sausage! Walmart’s is actually cheaper too!

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Just look at that price! Need I say more?

The olive oil in a spray can has soy in it, so it’s no good. Wanna know a tip? Take a cooking brush and dip it in olive oil to coat pans or foods! Works just as well and you don’t have to buy another product!

Organic Coconut Oil

I buy a lot of this stuff! I like to use it in certain dishes were the coconut taste doesn’t come through, but my dog is addicted to it as well! She gets a spoonful with every meal, and she loves it! She won’t eat until I put her scoop of coconut oil on top of her food! It’s been great for her skin issues. You can even use it on your skin, or hair! I have a friend who puts it in her coffee too! Can’t beat Aldi’s price on it!

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Aldi has a great price on organic apple cider vinegar! A bottle of Bragg’s (which is slightly larger) is almost $6!

Dried Fruit

Almost all of Aldi’s dried fruit has sugar in it (with the exception of the apricots), but the freeze dried fruit is does not! This is another food that you aren’t going to just sit and eat, but you can add it to your grain free oatmeal, and other dishes. It would be great in trail mix as well, which would be a great on-the-go breakfast!

The prunes (dried plums) are [added] sugar free!

The raisins have no added sugar in them either!

Fruit Strips

While these fruit strips from Aldi are Whole30 compliant, they are another snacky food you really shouldn’t eat. They are however, a great alternative to fruit snacks if your kids are going Paleo like mine! They’re pretty easy to make on your own, but sometimes it’s nice to have something pre-packaged and ready to throw in their lunch box!

Medjool Dates

I don’t expect to find a better price on dates! These babies are used as a sweetener or thickening agent in a lot of Whole30/Paleo recipes! I don’t think they are a regular item at Aldi though, so you may wanna grab them while they have them!

In case you were wondering, these Aldi dates have rice flour in them.


Salsa is not hard to make, but it is pretty convenient to be able to get a jar of it for less than $3! The organic one on the left (that I used to buy from Aldi) has sugar in it. The one on the right, which I started buying as soon as they started carrying it, does NOT!

Sweet Potato Chips

Technically, you’re supposed to stay away from things like chips, but I figure these sweet potato chips from Aldi will be good to have on hand in case of emergency. I also will be converting my children to a Paleo diet, and let’s be honest: a life without chips is just no life at all! We won’t be eating them all the time, but we won’t be giving them up altogether either.

Seeds and Nuts

Aldi has fantastic prices on nuts and seeds, but you have to be careful and read the labels!

Most of them are perfectly fine, although remember nuts are supposed to be used sparingly (no eating a whole bag in one sitting anymore!).

Do not get these though! I can’t remember what they have in them (I think it may be peanut oil), but like I said, READ THE INGREDIENTS. Don’t just assume to know what’s in a product!

Almost all of Aldi’s seasonings have filler ingredients making them incompliant. They do have organic options for $2 that are compliant! And check Walmart for spices as well! I just got a bottle of organic chili powder for $1.50!

Same goes for their flax and chia seeds. So disappointing!

I was excited to see bone broth for such a good price at Walmart…until I read the ingredients and saw dextrose, BOO!

Aldi’s organic broths have sugar in them too.

Image result for dirty dozen clean 15 2016

Aldi and Walmart both have great prices on produce as well! They even have a few organic selections! I typically try to stick to the Dirty Dozen/15 Clean rule, but again, it depends on what I can find and what’s most affordable.

I hope this helps in your shopping efforts! As you can see, I didn’t do too thorough of a job at Walmart because I really am going to try and stay out of there as much as possible (I have a slight problem leaving there without buying something I don’t need, mainly clothes). I know that I can get everything I need elsewhere, it’ll just take some getting used to. I’ll be sure to share what I find at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Kroger later this week! If you find a good deal on something, please share on the Facebook page!

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