Another Kitchen Makeover Complete!


When we bought our house 8 years ago, THIS is what the kitchen looked like. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan either. Can you say BORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG?!


Those honey colored cabinets! Those gold knobs! Those cream colored walls! Yuck, yuck, yuck!


I clearly didn’t always take great pictures (haha!), but you can see that the kitchen needed a makeover.


The first thing we did, before we even moved in, was paint all of the walls. We had lived in rentals for the previous 5 years, so we were oooover white walls. My mom gave us her old kitchen rugs, which had black, burgundy, olive green, and yellow in it, so we painted one living room a yellowish beige, the other (which also had the dining room in it) an olive green, and the kitchen a cranberry/burgundy. They weren’t my favorite colors, but they went with the hand-me-downs we had been given.


I knew those honey colored cabinets and gold knobs had to go, but I put that task off for a bit.




We originally used the eat-in-kitchen as just that, but quickly realized the closet for the laundry wasn’t gonna cut it.


Because the rugs (and the counters) had black in them, I decided to paint the cabinets black (against the warnings from our parents that they wouldn’t look good).


The kitchen was small, but I thought the cabinets looked way better black than that honey color. I really wanted white (especially since we had white appliances), but I didn’t think they’d go well with the rest of the house and decor.


We took the table out of the kitchen and made this little space into a folding/hanging station for the laundry, which was much more useful.





Eventually, I got sick of all those ugly colors and painted the whole house beige so I could decorate with more colorful stuff. Those black rugs were a pain to keep clean, so I bought some new ones. Again, this wasn’t really the style I wanted, it was just what went with what we had.


We also bought new stainless steel appliances when our fridge stopped working. If I could go back, I’d keep the white ones we had and just buy a new side-by-side white fridge. I hate trying to keep these stainless ones clean, and I’m not a fan of the bottom freezer.


The stainless appliances definitely looked better than the white with the black cabinets.




Because there wasn’t much color I could add into the kitchen, I grew tired of the beige walls. I wanted to paint them a blue to match the blue in the rugs I bought, but I had a hard time matching it for some reason. After painting the kitchen three different colors, I settled on this one.



I also hung some curtains to hide the laundry area! Man, I wish I would have thought of that sooner!


I loved the idea of hanging colorful plates on the wall! Unfortunately, I hung them on a wall that no one ever sees!




A few weeks ago, I happened upon this cute valence at Walmart. It was so cute and only $10 and went so well with the rest of the house…just not with the kitchen in its current state. I took the valence with me to the paint department and got a gallon of teal paint and a gallon of white paint. I decided I would finally paint the cabinets white!


I also grabbed a green rug to match the valence. I knew the hardest part would be parting with my old rugs. Having rugs in the kitchen meant I didn’t have to sweep and mop every day, just vacuum.


Oddly enough, since it took me three weeks to finish painting the cabinets, I got used to the kitchen being rug-free. I almost didn’t want to put the rugs in there!


The teal came out much brighter than I expected, but it’s really grown on me!


The white cabinets really make the kitchen feel bigger. I really wasn’t expecting that, even though I know that’s why you want to paint small spaces light colors. And I replaced all of the knobs from the antique-looking silver to a brushed nickel. I was surprised how much of a difference they made as well!


The stainless appliances look great with the white too, but once they need to be replaced, white will look even better! 😉


I was able to keep all of the old decor on the walls. I lowered the fork and spoon a bit (I centered it to the cabinets before and didn’t really like the way it looked, but never bothered to change it). I also spray painted the stools a turquoise (which is another color from the valence). They were the same color blue as the walls before.


I took down my wine rack since I don’t drink anymore (45 days and counting!) and moved the clock to the other side of the kitchen with the chalk board so I could put my plates in a place where they’d get plenty of views! 🙂


The plates are my favorite! 🙂 I also got a new utensil holder that’s bigger and prettier than my old black one ($12 at Walmart!).


I also changed the red swirly curtains I had up before to these more neutral gray ones (which I have a picture of somewhere, I just didn’t feel like searching for one and I didn’t bother to take before pics of the kitchen right before I started painting).

As you can tell, the kitchen has changed quite a bit over the years! It took me a while to realize that it wouldn’t be that expensive to just buy the style stuff that I like instead of trying to match the crap that was given to me. I spent less than $200 to makeover the kitchen this time between the rugs, the curtains, the utensil holder, the valence, the new knobs, paint, and Command strips to rehang everything! Not bad at all!

I love my new kitchen all by itself, but I love it even more because now, it goes with the rest of the house, which I’ve spent years making over to reflect my personality and style. If I have to be at home so much, I may as well love the space I’m looking at all day! LOL!

And in case you’re wondering, YES, I will be doing another makeover in the future! Eventually, we want to tile the entire house with a hardwood looking tile, including the kitchen and bathrooms. When we do that, we also plan to redo the back splash, counter tops, get a new sink and faucet, and replace the light fixture. There’s always gonna be something that needs redoing! I can’t look at the same old stuff for too long! 😉

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    I love that color teal!

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      Me too! Thanks 🙂

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