A Night to Remember…Except I Can’t

I was so excited for a night out with friends. We weren’t even going anywhere special, just to a friend’s house to watch Magic Mike XXL, eat some snacks and drink a little homemade Sangria. I dropped the kids off at my sister’s house, swung by Aldi to grab a bottle of pink Moscato (my fave) and a bag of blue corn tortilla chips to go with the guacamole I made at home earlier in the day, and arrived at my friend’s house around 8pm. There were only a couple ladies there, but soon more arrived. My friend poured me a glass Solo cup of her homemade Sangria and I tried one of every snack that each of the ladies brought. I realized then, in the excitement of getting ready to go out, I hadn’t really eaten anything since lunch. I didn’t want to get sick, so I didn’t eat much. I finished my cup of Sangria and poured myself half a cup of pink Moscato. The next thing I knew, my cup of wine was filled with Sangria again (thanks to my generous hostess). We attempted to play a game of Cards Against Humanity, but ended up talking instead. Then we started the movie. I saw one of the ladies was drinking a fun looking green drink. She offered to make me one. About halfway through my apple martini I started seeing double. Since I had never seen double before, I took that as a pretty clear indication that I was drunk and needed to sober up.

That is the last thing I remember.

I woke up on my couch. Everything was blurry and my eyes hurt, but I could tell it was light outside. My contacts were still in my eyes, but they were all dried up. I tried to stand up. Ugh. I felt dizzy. I looked down. I was still fully clothed (in my pajamas since my friend had requested we wear them), down to my slippers. I walked through the kitchen to get to the bathroom to take my contacts out and pee. It was 7am. I took out my contacts, peed, washed my hands and laid down in my bed next to my husband. He peeped an eye open at me.

“How did I get home? I don’t remember…”

“You called me and said you drank too much, so I went and picked you up.”

“Really? I don’t remember…”

“Yeah, you gave me the address and when I showed up your friends looked surprised to see me. They said you disappeared, then they found you, and then I showed up.”

“I disappeared?”

“That’s what they said. When I picked you up, you were asleep upstairs in a bed. They said you had puked. Your one friend said you were so cute. They begged me to let you come out again.”

He was laughing. I was not. Cute? While puking???

“So, what was I like on the way home? Did I seem drunk?”

“Yeah, you were clearly smashed. You were trying to drink a bottle of water with the top on. It was hilarious. Then you puked when we got home as you were getting out of the car. You came inside, sat on the couch and told me to leave you there, so I did.”

I was mortified. All I could think about was how I probably looked to my friends, even if they were a little drunk too.

I went back to sleep until noon. When I woke up, I still felt awful. Joe Daddy called me from work to check on me. After I got off the phone with him, I saw that my friend had messaged me saying she hoped I was ok and that she loves me. I messaged her back telling her I was so sorry for anything I said or did that night and that I didn’t remember most of it. She said I didn’t do anything worth being embarrassed about, I just freaked her out when I disappeared. It turned out that I went out to my van, called my husband to come pick me up and then passed out…in my van! Her and another friend found me, helped me walk back to the house, puking along the way, then put me in a bed upstairs. Joe showed up right after that and took me home, sometime around midnight.

I mean puking is bad, but blacking out is scary. Thank God even blacked out I had enough sense to call my husband to come get me instead of trying to drive home!

I still can’t get my mind around how I managed to black out off three drinks in three hours. The only conclusion I can come to is: 1) I’ve lost weight, 2) I don’t drink alcohol regularly anymore, 3) I hardly ate anything that night, and 4) those mixed drinks were stronger than they tasted. I do not drink to get drunk. I had acute alcohol poisoning when I was 19 and it ruined drinking for me for a while. I haven’t blacked out or puked from drinking since then, which was 15 years ago! I was a wine drinker for the last few years thinking it was good for my heart, but I recently discovered that it’s terrible for my stomach, so I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption to special occasions. I was planning on having a couple drinks, waiting a little while and driving home that night!

I am seriously scarred by this experience. Not only did it freak me out that I was walking, talking, calling, puking, etc. without being consciously aware of what was going on, but I felt so bad for two days after that. I spent an entire Sunday on the couch unable to eat anything but chicken noodle soup and I missed my fitness classes on Monday. I did enjoy the time I got to spend with my friends before I blacked out, I just should have stuck to my pink Moscato.

Lesson learned. This girl is a light weight.

Have you had a similar experience? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Phoenix 2-001