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How I Lost 10 lbs in a Month on Keto

60 days ago, I embarked on a 100 Day Challenge with my cousin, who had just finished a 100 Day Challenge that resulted in a 63 lb weight loss.

When I first heard she was doing a low carb diet previously, I didn’t want annnnnything to do with it. I know my weakness is carbs, but I loooooove them and didn’t feel like starting another diet I couldn’t stick with long-term.

Then she added me to her Low Carb Misfits group on Facebook.

Suddenly, my Facebook feed was bombarded by all of these amazing weight-loss stories and low-carb food options! I started doing a little more research and found that it looked like a healthy way to lose fat and quickly.

So when my cousin asked if anyone wanted to join her on her next 100 Day Challenge, I signed up!

April 23rd was Day 1. I started out just trying to keep my carbs under 50 net grams. I tracked my food in MyFitnessPal and was amazed at just how many carbs are in the foods I enjoy eating!

Cutting carbs wasn’t as hard as I thought though (once I learned all the foods I could eat). I kept hearing amazing things about Keto, so I decided to give it a shot during my 2nd week into the challenge.

There are different forms of The Ketogenic Diet, but basically, it’s when you’re body goes into ketosis and starts using fat for fuel instead of carbs. For most people, that happens when they stick to 20g net carbs or less. For more detailed info, read THIS.

The macros for The Ketogenic Diet look like this:

Image result for keto chart

If you haven’t ever tracked your food before, macros can be confusing and overwhelming. But once you start tracking your food, you can see how things add up. Again, there are different forms of Keto. This is just the basic rule of thumb.


Image result for keto chart

This chart is more specific to individuals based on their sex, height, and weight. I’m a 5′ female, so I should try and eat 82 grams of protein per day, 20 grams or less net carbs, 61 to 143 grams of fat, and 962-1700 calories. Again, if you haven’t ever tracked your food, you might find the thought of having to figure out what you can eat to meet those requirements overwhelming.

What I did was something that was suggested in an article I read for Keto beginners (you can read it HERE), and it’s what I suggest others who are just starting out to do as well: Focus on nothing but eating 20g net carbs or less. Track your food in an app like MyFitnessPal so you can see how many calories, fat, and protein you are getting as well. Slowly but surely, you’ll learn what you can eat to reach your macro goals.

The best part about Keto for me has been how easy it is! Somehow, by eating the foods I eat and focusing really only on how many carbs I’m eating, the other macros just work themselves out! I almost never eat more than 1200 calories, which is my personal goal, but I don’t actually count my calories. I almost always get around 80-100 grams of fat. I do struggle getting enough protein, so I’ve recently started drinking my hubby’s protein powder in my coffee.

So what do I eat?

My typical day looks like this:

7-8am: 16 oz decaf coffee with 1/2 scoop Muscle Pharm Vanilla Protein Powder and 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream

11-12pm: Vitamin Water Zero; Meat, Cheese, and Veggies (beef burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and avocado; canned tuna fish with celery, boiled egg, mayo, and green olives; deli meat and cheese)

2-3pm: A snack and hot Cinnamon Apple herbal tea (pork rinds; mixed nuts; boiled eggs; pickles; olives; cheese stick; cucumbers and ranch dressing; guacamole and bacon; Halo Top ice cream; low-carb candy bar; berries and whipped cream)

5-6pm: Meat, Cheese, and Veggies (salmon with asparagus; taco meat with cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and black olives; chicken with homemade alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and broccoli; beef roast with cheese, mushrooms, and baby carrots; pizza made with almond flour and mozzarella cheese crust, pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, and black olives; pulled pork with green beans and cauliflower mac and cheese; bratwurst with sauerkraut; spaghetti with zoodles)

8-10pm: A glass (or two) of red wine

Yes! You can eat cheese (although there is a strict form of Keto that abstains from dairy completely)! Yes! You can eat bacon (and sausage, and red meat)! Yes! You can eat sweets (so long as you use very little sugar or erythritol, stevia, sucralose, or aspartame- I try to stay away from the artificial sweeteners since they make me really tired, give me a headache, and hurt my stomach, but there is a little bit of sucralose in the protein powder I use, although I’m getting ready to try one made with stevia instead). Yes! You can drink alcohol (red wine is the best choice, and luckily it happens to be my favorite, but there are certain beers you can fit into your macros, and straight liquor is carb free!).

THIS is the reason I have been able to stick with Keto longer than any other diet I’ve ever tried (and I have tried many): There are enough of the foods I love and I can have occasional cheats! Plus, I can eat out (even fast food!), and it’s not expensive because you don’t have to buy all organic grass-fed stuff! I totally think that stuff is probably better for you, but we just can’t afford to eat like that. I only spend $150-$200/week eating this way, versus the $300-400/week I spent on the Whole30!

I did Whole30 (for 28 days) in January of this year. I lost 10 lbs in a month then as well, but I was miserable (I didn’t even last the full 30 days). I felt too deprived and eating all that fiber from all the fruits and veggies flared my Crohn’s really bad. I ended up having to go on steroids for 10 days to get my stomach right again! And within two weeks, I had gained 7 lbs back.

Speaking of fiber, don’t worry about it! I know you’ve probably heard that you need fiber, and lots of it. The truth is, you don’t. I only get around 10g a day and I am perfectly regular. Now, some people do experience constipation when they go low-carb or keto, but it’s usually because they are eating too many hard to digest foods like cheese and nuts. If you start to experience issues in that area, try cutting back on dairy and nuts. And don’t just take my word for it! Go HERE to read about the top 12 myths about fiber.

By Day 30, I had lost 10 lbs and a few inches! It doesn’t sound like much, but take a look!

I’m still wanting to slim my thunder thighs down, but I feel more confident than ever before! I’ve even been wearing a bikini OUT IN PUBLIC this summer! I am very close to my maintenance weight goal, so I didn’t lose a crazy amount of weight in a month. If you are very overweight, you could lose much more. There are 300+ lb people that have lost 50+ lbs in a month in my group! I think the most I’ve seen was a 500 lb woman who lost 250 lbs in less than 6 months! That is CRAZY!!! Crazy AWESOME!!!

Here are my Top 10 Tips to getting started on Keto:

  1. Make a meal plan. Input what you plan on eating into your tracking app (I use MyFitnessPalbefore you eat so you can adust if you need to. Use a scale to measure your food. Measure and track EVERYTHING (at least until you get the hang of things). You’d be surprised how much stuff can be even in one bite of something!
  2. Buy yourself some Ketone Strips. They will tell you if you are in ketosis or not. I knew I was in once I got in, but the strips are good reassurance. I was also able to figure out that I can go up to 30g carbs without getting kicked out of ketosis! Good to know! I got THESE.
  3. Eat when you are hungry, and eat as much as you want (so long as you are within your carb allowance)! Once your body goes into ketosis, you will not be hungry very often at all. Give your body time to adjust. It only takes a couple days, but those first couple of days can be kinda rough! Just focus on sticking to your carb limit!
  4. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)! Buy meat (chicken, pork, beef, bacon, sausage, frozen burgers, bratwurst, beef hot dogs, tuna, salmon, shrimp, etc.- the fattier the better! Stay away from turkey and too much chicken), cheese (deli, blocks, and cream cheese), nuts (stay away from pistachios and cashews though- read the carb counts on them and you’ll know why), pickles, chicken broth, Vitamin Water Zero (pickle juice, Vitamin Water Zero and chicken broth are great for getting through the “Keto Flu” those first couple days), heavy whipping cream (if you like creamy coffee, or try a vanilla protein powder! I’m very picky about how I take my coffee and it’s perfect to me!), avocados (I eat at least half of one a day!), green veggies (asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans, spinach, peppers, zucchini, etc.), pork rinds (if you like chips), Halo Top (if you like ice cream), berries and whipped cream, low-carb candy bars (either Atkins or Aldi’s brand) if you have to have chocolate (like me!), and some red wine, low-carb beer or liquor (if you have to drink, which I DO, EVERY night!). Once you get the hang of things, you can start making “ketofied” waffles, pancakes, bread, cupcakes, cookies, pizza, biscuits, etc. They are really simple and surprisingly good, but it is best to focus on one thing at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  5. Drink LOTS of water! I have a 16 oz cup of coffee first thing in the morning, a 20 oz Vitamin Water Zero with lunch after I workout, an 8 oz hot tea in the afternoon, and 5-10 oz of red wine in the evening, but I STILL drink 8-16 cups of water a day!
  6. Eat the salt! Your body will flush sodium at a much quicker rate on this WOE (Way Of Eating), so you need to be mindful of your electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and calcium). Go HERE for more info and follow the link to learn how to make a homemade Keto electrolyte drink!
  7. Take before pictures and measurements along with your weight! My cousin has been stuck at her current weight for a few weeks now, but has lost 9 inches! I was amazed when I looked at my before and after comparison shots!
  8. Get an accountability partner! My hubby is one of my biggest supporters, even though he just does low-carb and not Keto. I have my cousin, her 100 Day Challenge group, the Low Carb Misfits, and I post regularly on my personal Facebook page to keep myself motivated as well. You’d be surprised at how many messages I get DAILY either asking me more about this WOE, or for recipes, or for encouragement, or to congratulate/praise my efforts! There are a couple people who have negative things to say, but because I know they are just jealous, I let their hate roll right off my skinny shoulders 😉
  9. If you slip up, just forgive yourself and start again! I fell off the wagon for over a week recently, kinda just to see what would happen and kinda because that’s what I do! I do really good and then feel the need to mess up so I can get motivated to do good again! I gained 3 lbs, broke out all over my body, and felt bloated and tired. It actually made me miss this WOE! I missed tracking my food! I missed eating my easy-don’t-even-have-to-think-about-it-fat-melting foods! So I hopped back on the wagon a couple days ago and my skin’s already clearing up, my bloat’s disappearing, and I’ve already dropped two of the three pounds I gained. The pizza, donuts, beer, and cake I ate really weren’t that great either! I’m not saying I’ll never do it again, but I do know that this is a liftstyle choice for me now. #KetoForLife
  10. Do your own research! It’s taken me almost 2 months to get around to finally blogging about this diet, even though I’ve had people begging for my help each and every day. Life is just so busy (yes, even in the summer!). I love to help others and make things easy when I can, but don’t just take my experience or my research and run with it (I mean you can if that works for you)! Get educated so you can get excited about doing something amazing for yourself! This isn’t just a quick weight loss diet. I have seen countless people in my Misfits group come off their diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure meds, get pregnant when they couldn’t before, have their pain and other symptoms from autoimmune and other diseases disappear, and more! Now I’m no doctor, so don’t go jumping into this haphazardly either. If you have a health condition, you should always consult your physician before making any major changes. That goes for exercising as well! If you don’t exercise regularly, don’t start until you get used to this WOE. Take it one step at a time. Listen to your body! I recommend walking before you run ;).

And now…a little food porn to get you excited for all the delicious things you can eat! (Many of these recipes are on my “Low-CarbPinterest Board, so check it out if you need some inspiration!)