14 Things I Will Say to My 14 Year Old Today

Today is my first born’s fourteenth birthday! Each year, we are one year closer to the dreaded send off to college! Of course, he could always go somewhere local and stay home with his family 😉 😉 (He claims he’s moving to Germany for college. Not happening. I don’t care how good the school is. My hubby doesn’t call me “Dream Crusher” for nothing! LOL!)


Here are 14 things I am going to say to him today (not in any particular order):

  1. It’s noon, time to get up.
  2. Fix your hair.
  3. No, not like that.
  4. Eat your noodles.
  5. Just kidding, it’s zucchini, your favorite! Bwahahaha!
  6. Can I pop that zit?
  7. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaazzzz???
  8. Are you sure you have deodorant on?
  9. Yes, you have to come with us, it’s Family Day, and you’re still technically part of the family.
  10. I don’t care if you have better things (like absolutely nothing) to do.
  11. I love you.
  12. Tell me you love me.
  13. Give your mother a hug!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Juli Bear!!!

You see, my son enjoys staying up late, sleeping in, the bed-head look, eating anything microwavable but hardly anything that grows in the ground, spending all of his time in his room (watching TV and YouTube, playing video games, talking to his friends online or on the phone, reading comic books and science articles, and lifting weights), and pretending the rest of us don’t exist. He smells, even though I see him shower frequently and know he owns deodorant (I make sure I buy the 48-hour stuff, which must be a typo b/c it doesn’t even hold up 4-8 hours on him). He still hasn’t found a girl he likes because he’s “too busy with school to worry about girls” and “isn’t old enough to take one on a date by himself” anyway.


Every night, I knock on his door (because it’s locked to keep the rest of us out), tell him good-night and make him wrap his arms around me and tell me he loves me. It’s much different than it was a few years ago when we’d read a story together and he’d give me more kisses than I could count without even asking.



It’s hard to watch your kids grow up. It’s amazingly fulfilling to watch them become their own person, but with that comes a separation from you.When they’re little, they need you, they want you around all the time!


I can still remember when he was my only baby.



I can still remember when he dressed up like a super hero and played with Legos and Hot Wheels.





And then overnight, he was taller than me!


And now, he wants nothing to do with me anymore. 🙁 I can still remember what it was like being a teenager, so I know it’s perfectly normal, it’s just hard. I’m glad I have my girls to fill the gap, but what on earth am I going to do when all 4 of them are teenagers???


I can’t even think about it.


For his birthday, Jules requested cash, to go out to eat to his favorite restaurant (IHOP) so his “friend who’s a girl” Carolyn could come, along with one of his other best friends, who he wanted to come home with us to spend the night, and plenty of junk for them to gorge themselves on as they stayed up all night.






Aaaannnnd check!


IHOP was a nightmare. First of all, I think the only reason he requests to go there every year for his birthday dinner (at least for the last 3 years) is because I don’t like IHOP so we never eat there. The food is always meh and the service eh. Last night was no exception. It took an hour for the waitress to take our order, which might have been understandable for a party of 15 if they were even remotely busy. There were 3 tables of two when we arrived, and they had already been served. She just kept disappearing to bring the kids more crayons, menus, and condiments…for food we hadn’t even ordered yet! It took another hour to get our food. Mine and Joe’s bacon crusted chicken came with no bacon and pink chicken. Our side of steamed broccoli wasn’t cooked at all. Thankfully, the kids’ meals were free because between paying for my mom and Jules’ 2 friends, we still spent $70 on one of the most horrible food and service experiences I’ve ever had. It was also so cold in there, that all 15 of us were shivering the entire time, taking frequent trips to the bathroom, where it was warm, to defrost.


They did sing ♫Happy Birthday♫ and bring free ice cream to the birthday boy and girl. That was kinda nice.


I think Jules just enjoyed being with his friends…who hate pictures just as much as him.


Unfortunately for them, I don’t care if they don’t like taking pictures. 😉 I told Jules after we left that I hope he enjoyed it, because the only way he’ll get IHOP for his birthday again is if we order just him something TO GO!


He and Wesley maintain that he and Carolyn are just friends. All I know is, he’s been a much nicer person since she came around, so I’m fine with whatever they want to call themselves.


Despite his fuddiness, Jules is a good kid. He gets straight A’s in all of his classes (which are all advanced), and pretty much has every year of his life.


He watches the girls anytime I ask without complaining (and actually comes out of his room and watches them responsibly). I never have to ask him to bathe, clean his room, put up his laundry, or do his homework. Heck, I don’t even have to wake him up in the morning! He wakes up on his own at 5am and wakes me up at 6am!


I’m so proud of how smart and responsible he is. He amazes me with the amount of information he can retain (we don’t call him “The Walking Encyclopedia” for nothing)! He makes my heart sing when he helps me with the groceries without me even asking. He drives me nuts by constantly changing the wallpaper on my computer and leaving his Ramen noodle trash on the counter until after he’s finished eating. Considering what some parents have to deal with from their kids, I think I’ve got a pretty good one.


So today I celebrate all that he is, and all that I hope he will become (hopefully rich so he can take care of his ol’ ma and pa 😉 ). He will always be my baby, but I can see him turning into a man before my very eyes, and the view is spectacular!


Happy birthday baby boy! Mama loves you!


Phoenix 2-001